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Chapter 8 American History


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Boxer Rebellion
Chinese nationalists who opposed foreign influences
Settlement of a dispute by a person chosen to listen to both sides
Burst of national pride and aggressive foreign policy
Province of Colombia
Roosevelt Corollary
Extension of the Monroe Doctrine
Dollar Diplomacy
US investments in Latin America/orderly societies
Spheres of Influence
Areas of economic/political control of China
Differences in character to one's race
Anti-Imperialistic League
Members who opposed expansion by the US
Banana Republics
Latin American countries who depend on the export of a limited resource to the US
Joining new territory to an existing one
Pearl Harbor, HI
Refueling/repair station for naval vessels
Open Door Policy
US had equal trading rights with China
Keith's United Fruit Company
Funneled money into Latin America
USS Maine
US battleship that blew up in Havana Harbor
Controlled Cuba and the Philippines
Splendid Little War
Nickname for the Spanish-American war
Teller Amendment
Once Cuba became independent, US left control of the island to its people
Platt Amendment
Authorized the Cubans to draft a constitution
Anglo-Saxon heritage
Superior to other races
Isthmus of Panama
Proposed location for building a canal