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CH 4 test question bank AIS

what is the most popular type of database?
many separate files
using a file oriented approach to data and information, data is maintained in
multiple master files which may contain redundant data
fiel oriented approaches create prblems for organizations because of
the preliferation of master files creates problems in the consistancy of specific data stored in different files
which statement is true reguarding file systems?
a database
a set of interrelated, centrally coordinated files is called
a software program that creates, minipulates, accesses the database goes by the acronym
database management system (DBMS)
the ____ acts as an interface between the database and the various application programs
database system
the combination of the database, the DBMS, and the application programs that access the database through the DBMS is refferred to as the
database administrator
the person responsible for the database is the
decentralized management of data
all the following are benefits of database technology except:
since they do not have to focus on the physical location and layouts of various data items
seperating the logical and physical views in a database allows the programmers to concentrate on coding the application logic
how and where the data are physically arranged and stored
the term physical view refers to: