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Jackie Robinson

1st black player to break the color barrier in 1945

WWII, The New Deal, Holocaust, Rose of the NAACP

4 greatest stimulus for getting rights for the blacks

Rosa Parks

started the civil rights movement when she refused to move to the back of the bus


bringing together of different races

Faubus, Eisenhower

_______ refused to integrate students in Litte Rock, Arkansas. ______ sent in Federal troops


group with both african american and white members

Southern christian leadership conference, Martin Luther King Jr

SCLA-____________ advocated non violent protests. _____ was the leader


____'s philosophy of peace very much infuenced Martin Luther King


_____'s idea of civil disobedience was well accepted by King


the most infuencuial of the student nonviolent coordinating committee


protesters simply sat down at segregated lunch counters or other public places

Meredith, Mississippe

____ was the 1st black student to enroll at the Universtiy of ____.

Barnett, Kennedy

____ refused to allow Meredith to enroll, ____ sent in troops to make sure meredith was safe

Burminghamm, Connor

____, Alabama was one of the most prejudice places in America. King and 900 young people were arrested and placed in jail by a racist sheriff ______


became the 1st african american supreme court justice


______, the attourney general under JFK, began the civil rights movement for his brother

The march on Washington, "I have a dream"

________ took plave in 1963, 200,000 people marched on our capital, This is where Martin Lutehr King Jr. made his famous __________ speech


a tactic in wihich senators prevent a vote on a measure by taking the floor and refusing to stop talking

Mississippi, freedom summer

In 1964, 3 students were murdered in ____ trying to register blakcs to vote. This time was known as _____

Voting Rights Act

eliminated literacy tests to vote.

24th amendment

outlawed poll taxes

Nation of Islam

a very violent organization called black muslems

malcom x

the man who founded the black muslems

black nationalism

a belief in a seperate identity and racial unity of the black community

malcolm x

3 members of the Nation of Islam assassinated ______


coined the work black power.

black panters, seale, newton

The militant violent group,_____, was organized by ____ and ____.


______, a ghetto area of LA, was the worst riot in the US


Kennedy was killed by _____

Roy, Memphis

King was killed by _____ in ____, Tennessee

LA, Sirhan

Robert F. Kennedy was assassinted in ___ by ______.

civil rights

Kennedy ran on the anti-war, ____ platforms.


became the 1st black woman elected to congress

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