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CNA-234, Lesson 8, Fill In The Blank

Page: 331
Windows Firewall enables you to create rules that call for the use of IPsec to encapsulate data packets within other packets. This process is called _________ .
The process of granting users access to file server shares by reading their permissions is called _________ .
The combination of permissions assigned to a file, plus the permissions inherited from parent folders and group memberships, is called the file's _________ permissions.
Effective Permissions
In the NTFS permission system, _________ permissions are actually combinations of _________ permissions.
Standard Permissions
Special Permissions
Kerberos is a _________ authentication method.
Centralized Authentication?
To use the Windows Firewall control panel to enable traffic for a specific application, you must create a _________ .
Program Exception
The users, computers, and services to which you assign permissions are also known as _________ .
Security Principal(s)
The hardware requirements for BitLocker call for either a USB flash drive or a _________ .
Smart Card?
The Advanced Security Settings dialog box displays a list of _________ .
The software module on an Active Directory domain controller that is primarily responsible for implementing the Kerberos authentication protocol is called the _________ .
Key Distribution Center (KDC)