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  1. Si j'avais été toi...
  2. J'ai entendu dire que...
  3. indifférent(e)
  4. A ton avis...
  5. gêné(e)
  1. a I hear that...
  2. b indifferent
  3. c In your opinion...
  4. d If I had been you...
  5. e embarrassed

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  1. to exchange
  2. to get annoyed
  3. to meet
  4. to see (each other) again
  5. together

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  1. se donner rendez-vousto see (each other) again


  2. Qu'est-ce que tu en penses?What do you think about it?


  3. se plaireto talk (to each other)


  4. ...tu ferais mieux de...You know what...


  5. rompre (avec)to break up (with)