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Chapter 22


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Which statement about ventilating a basement fire is correct?
Coordinating ventilation is critical
One FF can control a large attach hose by forming a _____________ and sitting down on it.
What is a BLEVE?
Flammable liquid vessel rupture and explosion due to external heating
What is added to propane to give it a distinct odor?
A burning liquid that is dripping, pouring, or spraying over the edge of a container is known as a ___________ fire.
Which hazardous material is commonly found in vehicle batteries?
Sulfuric acid
After a fire, electric vehicles and hybrids should be stored at least how many feet from any exposures because of the possibility of a late rekindle?
50 feet
What is the most severe hazard associated with propane products?
What happens during a blitz attack?
An offensive exterior attack is executed to reduce temperatures.
Improper ventilation may create a(n) __________ or produce conditions that allow a fire to burn more aggressively.
Defensive firefighting operations are conducted from which location?
From a doorway, a crew directs a hose stream at the ceiling of a burning room. This is a(n) ____________ attack.
When approaching a flammable-gas fire, FFs should have hose nozzles set on a _________ pattern.
wide fog
Used to produce high-volume water streams
master stream device
Used to remove as much heat as possible
indirect attack
Employs both direct and indirect attack methods sequentially
combination attack
Nozzle while attached to the rungs of a vehicle-mounted aerial ladder
ladder pipe
Nozzle mounted on the end of an aerial device
elevated master stream device
A straight or solid stream, flowing between 120 and 180 gpm, may be used in a(n) ________________ attack.
Which type of operation is used when the main objective is to protect exposures?
To decrease the need for manual overhaul during trash container fires, it is very useful to apply
Class A foam
The best action to take to prevent the spread of a fire to areas that are not already burning is to
direct the fire hose stream at the exposures rather than the fire itself.
Portable monitors, deck guns, and ladder pipes are examples of ______________.
master stream devices
Commonly used master stream devices flow__________________.
350 to 1500 gpm. (1325 to 5678 lpm)
Which firefighting attack, if successful, will result in the lease amount of property damage?
The best method to prevent a BLEVE is to direct heavy streams of ________________ onto the tank from a safe distance.
A master stream device that is permanently mounted on an engine and plumbed directly into the pump is a _______________.
deck gun.
When can one FF safely handle a large handline?
When the handline is firmly anchored.
Wetting neighboring exposures will keep the fuel from reaching its _________________ temperature.
Propane can displace oxygen and cause ________________.
Often, the primary objective in lumberyard fires is
protecting exposures.
How should FFs approach a vehicle fire?
45-degree angle from the side
Master streams are most commonly used for _________________ operations.
_________________ fires can be hard to recognize if they spread to areas above.
When an LPG tank is exposed to heat from a fire, the temperature of the contents increases, causing the vapor pressure to
One of the most common types of fire handled by fire departments is the
vehicle fire
In situations where the temperature is increasing and it appears that the room or space is ready to experience flashover, FFs should use a(n)
indirect application of water.
When approaching a burning flammable liquid vessel to operate the valve, which hose stream(s) should be used?
Two 1 3/4" (45 mm)