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  1. enmity
  2. fortnight
  3. illustrious
  4. formidable
  5. impalpable
  1. a (adj) arousing fear or alarm or awe or admiration
  2. b (adj) 1not perceptible to touch; 2dificult to comprehend
  3. c (noun) bitter hatred
  4. d (adj) well known and distinguished
  5. e (noun) two weeks

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  1. (verb) to attribute (something) to a source or cause
  2. (verb) to hold back or resist
  3. (noun) a flag or banner
  4. (noun) skillful deceit
  5. (adj) conspicuously bad, offensive, or reprehensible

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  1. forsaken(adj) abandoned


  2. exanimate(verb) to release form an entanglement or difficulty


  3. inequity(noun) bitter hatred


  4. graze(verb) to touch or scrape lightly in passing


  5. futile(noun) skillful deceit