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  1. falter
  2. embodiment
  3. eradicate
  4. ensign
  5. gingerly
  1. a (verb) to get rid of as if by tearing up by the roots
  2. b (noun) representation in a physical form
  3. c (adverb) very carefully or cautiously
  4. d (verb) to waver or hesitate; to be ineffective in one's purpose
  5. e (noun) a flag or banner

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  1. (adj) doubtful or unbelieving, skeptical (of something)
  2. (verb) to touch or scrape lightly in passing
  3. (adj) having no useful result; pointless
  4. (verb) to request earnestly; to beg
  5. (verb) to ecape or avoid by cleverness or deceit

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  1. feign(verb) to use exaggerated attempts to please


  2. implacable(adj) impossible to appease or please/calm


  3. impute(verb) to attribute (something) to a source or cause


  4. gird(noun) skillful deceit


  5. gallant(adj) conspicuously bad, offensive, or reprehensible


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