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12 terms

subjunctive 1c

Juan eats tacos.
Juan come tacos.
Juan does not eat tacos.
Juan no come tacos.
Juan wants to eat tacos.
Juan quiere comer tacos.
I want Juan to eat tacos.
Quiero que Juan coma tacos.
Juan, eat tacos!!
Juan, ¡come tacos!
Ana plays the flute.
Ana toca la flauta.
Ana does not play the flute.
Ana no toca la flauta
Ana wants to play the flute.
Ana quiere tocar la flauta.
They want Ana to play the flute.
Quieren que Ana toque la flauta.
Ana, play the flute!!
Ana, ¡toca la flauta!
Ana, do not play the flute!
Ana, ¡no toques la flauta!
Juan, do not eat tacos!
Juan, ¡no comas tacos!