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Psych 7A Chapter 12

Which of the following is NOT one of the basic components of emotion identified in the text?
pupil contraction
Which theory would be most threatened by evidence that highly similar patterns of physiological activity are associated
with uniquely different emotional states?
James-Lange theory
According to the Cannon-Bard theory of emotion
you experience fear the same time your heart beings pounding
Which theory states that emotion results from the cognitive labeling of our physiological arousal?
The emotions of anger and fear involve similar
patterns of autonomic arousal
One problem with the use of the polygraph for lie detection is that
anxiety, irritation, and guilt feelings all prompt similar physiological reactivity.
Whether we feel angry or depressed in response to a low exam grade depends on whether we attribute the poor grade to
an unfair test or to our own low intelligence. This best illustrates that emotions are influenced by
cognitive appraisals
Which of the following emotional reactions is most likely to precede any conscious thinking?
The facial expressions associated with particular emotions are
the same throughout the world
As a member of the diplomatic corps, Alex was given special training in the customs, language, and religions of the
nonindustrialized country where he would be living. However, Alex probably needed little training to correctly interpret
his hosts' expressions of emotion as revealed by their
facial expressions
Researchers have found that people experience cartoons as more amusing while holding a pen with their teeth than
while holding it with their lips. This best illustrates the
facial feedback effect
Patients reportedly feel less depressed following between-the-eyebrows Botox injections that immobilize their frown
muscles. This best illustrates the
facial feedbaack effect
In experiments with adult monkeys who were fearful of snakes and their offspring who were not, Susan Mineka
discovered that the younger monkeys developed a fear of snakes through the process of
observational learning
If intense fears of specific objects disrupt people's ability to cope, they are said to experience
People report that they are especially likely to experience anger when they are harmed by an event that is perceived as
A television producer believes that violent TV programs provide viewers an opportunity to reduce their own anger
through fantasy. The producer appears to accept the
catharsis hypothesis
Experts suggest that an intensely angry person should
take time to let the anger and emotional arousal subside
A sense of satisfaction with life is known as
subjective well-being
A 21-year-old student undergoing treatment for Hodgkins disease was elated when he learned that he was cancer free.
Although his subsequent day-to-day emotions fluctuated in response to daily events, during the ensuing month, on
average, his emotions
returned to nearly the same level as they were during the month before the good news
Research on the well-being of Americans indicates that the
increase in the buying power of Americans over the past 40 years has provided no apparent boost to Americans'
personal happiness
When Mrs. Van Dyke first acquired a new luxury car, she was ecstatic. After several months, however, she took the car
for granted and it gave her little sense of emotional excitement. This change in her feelings can best be explained in
terms of
the adaptation-level phenomenon
You were happy with your grade of B on the psychology test until you learned that almost everyone else in the class
received an A. This illustrates that happiness is influenced by
relative deprivation
Research suggests that people experience the most happiness when they are
absorbed in challenging activities
Health psychologists are LEAST likely to focus attention on
the role of bacteria in producing illness
A stressor is a(n)
environmental event that threatens or challenges us
Hypertension rates are high among
residents in impoverished areas
The greatest number of deaths in North America today result from
heart disease
Who is the best example of a Type A personality?
Mara, an irritable, impatient teacher
Who is the best example of a Type B personality?
Mauriucca, a relaxed, understanding social worker
The characteristic that most clearly contributes to the disease vulnerability of Type A personalities is their feelings of
Who would be MOST susceptible to heart disease?
Marvin, an impatient lawyer who often becomes irritated with family and friends over insignificant matters
Natural killer cells are part of the body's
immune system
AIDS is a disorder of the
immune system
Using emotional, behavioral, or cognitive methods to alleviate stress is known as
To alleviate the stress of long work hours, Phara has arranged a more convenient work schedule with her employer.
Phara's behavior best illustrates
problem-focused coping
Research has indicated that rats become more vulnerable to ulcers when exposed to ________ shock.
Some studies suggest that stress is defused and the immune system is strengthened by
mirthful humor
Research participants who received nasal drops laden with a cold virus were least likely to catch a cold if they had
positive social ties
The growth of new brain cells in mice has been found to be promoted by
Some paralyzed humans have learned to bring their blood pressure under conscious control by means of