10 terms

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I always say "that's hot". I love my doggy tinkerbell. I love being blonde, who am i?
Paris Hilton.
I am a victoria secret model. An angel, mostly walking the runway amazingly. Who am i?
Miranda Kerr.
I sing in a band called the maine. I'm the lead singer. 'Ohh' & i'm very hot. Who am i?
John Ohh.
I have a billion tattoos. Stars on my face. And a tattoo artist myself since i was 14. Who am i?
Kat Von D.
I'm the greates rapper ever. Might be going to jail soon. Tattoo of tear drops going down my eyes. Who am i?
Lil Wayne.
I have a website, and i'm known for knowing gossip & spreading it. Who am i?
Perez Hilton.
Have my own show, the hills. Just finished it up with my last season. My best friends are Audrina & Lo. Who am i?
Lauren Conrad.
I sing like a girl, fling my hair every two seconds, and just recently hurt my foot. Who am i?
Justin Bieber.
Made in China, born al over the place. You'll see me on lots of bling & on children. I'm a cat. Who am i?
Hello Kitty.
I'm known for "this is it" and i love making changes. I past this summer, and everyone misses me. Who am i?
Michael Jackson.