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exam 3

exam three chapters 10-14
RNA contains _______, where as DNA contains _____.
Who discovered the structure of DNA?
Watson and Crick
What type of chemical bond joins the bases of complementary DNA strands.
During Replication, _______ are the enzymes responsible for joining the nucletides of a new DNA strand together.
DNA polymerase
How many necluotides make up a codon?
After replication _______
each new DNA double helix consits of one old strand and one new one.
Evidence for the spiral nature of DNA came from _______.
x-ray crystalography studies
Which of the following enzymes is responsible for RNA synthesis?
RNA polymerase
What protects mRNA from attack by cytoplasmic enzymes?
a cap and tail
Viruses that infect bacteria are ____.
How can bacteriophase DNA be spread from cell to cell without causing death?
via a lysogenic cycle
The expressed (coding) regions of eukaryotic genes are called _____.
The region of DNA where RNA synthesis begines is the_____
The first basic idea of evolutionary adaptation can be traced back to ______
Which of the following is a component of the fossil record?
dinosaur footprints
Which one of the following statements is true?
Natural selection works on variate already present in population
Reserach on flat-tailed horned lizards demonstrated that natural selection favored lizards that ____.
had the longest horns on the rear of the skull
The modern syntesis was a fusion of _______.
genetics and evolutionary biology
The oldest known follils are about ______years ago.
35 million
________ is the study of fossils.
While on the beagle, darwin was influenced by a book by Charles Lyell that suggested that earty was _____ and sculpted by geological processes that ____ today.
old..... continue
The smallest unit of conversion is the _______.
The founder effect differs from a population bottleneck in that the founder effect ______.
involves the isolation of a small colony of individuals from a larger population
ON what basis are populations assigned to the same biology species
being able to interbreed and produce fertile offspring
The bioloical specials concept cannot be applied to ________
bacteria that only reporduce asexually
The current geological era is _____
What name is given to the single supercontinent that formed near the end of the palezoic?
Dinosaurs were extict by the end of the ______.
A pereiod of mass extinction is often followed by _______.
explosive diversification
________ is the study of biological diversity and relationships of organsims, past and present
Non branching evolution is _______
linear evolution
The science of naming, identifying, and classifying organisms is ________