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  1. Capricorn
  2. Libra
  3. 21
  4. Gemini
  1. a Facial features:
    A chiseled, certain face, doe-like steady eyes, brown or dark hair, capable hands, and prominent cheek bones.
  2. b September 23- October 22
  3. c What day in December does the Sagittarius sign end?
  4. d

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  1. Facial features:
    innocent face, chiseled facial-set, usually have a large and well-shaped skull, a high, broad forehead, has wide and infectious smile, a tall, slender and well formed figure with strong legs, usually good runners.

  2. Rachel McAdams November 17, 1978

  3. Giovanni Ribisi December 17, 1974

  4. Ben Kingsley December 31, 1943

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  1. SagittariusLate January represents which sign?


  2. SagittariusApril 20- May 20


  3. Virgo
    Mia Wasikowska October 14, 1989


  4. Cancer


  5. CapricornFacial features:
    Far-apart eyes, innocent facial features, below average height, a fleshy body and short legs, usually have brown hair, a round face, a prominent forehead, small eyes, a short and upturned nose, crooked teeth, and a full mouth. In essence, the upper body is invariably larger in proportion to the lower, which may make for a rather clumsy or top-heavy bodily appearance at times.