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eLearning Terminology

Vocabulary and terminology in the realm of online and blended eLearning environments. Definitions from the iNACOL Online Learning Definitions Project
Asynchronous learning
Communication exchanges which occur in elapsed time between people, i.e. email, forum threads, or blog comments.
Synchronous learning
Online learning in which the participants interact at the same time and in the same space, i.e. video conferencing or IM.
Content repository
A venue for saving and sharing content. A digital content repository is an online venue for saving and sharing content.
Home-grown content
Content developed by a teacher, school, or district for use in instruction, as compared to content developed by outside companies or other vendors.
Learning object
An electronic media resource (or digital file; or collection of files) targeting a lesson objective, standard, or a lesson concept, that can be used and reused for instructional purposes.
Learning object repository
A space for storing digital learning resources.
Threaded Discussion
A forum that includes a running commentary of messages used by a group to facilitate asynchronous online discussions.
Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
A framework for the design of online learning objects and environments ensuring accessibility for all users.