Ultrasound Examination Review: Pancreas

Acinar cells
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islet cell tumorsfound within the isles pf langerhans of panclesser sacperitoneal cavity space located between the stomach and pancreas where fluid accumulatesPancreatic adenocarcinomamost common form of panc cancerWhipple procedure or aka pancreaticoduodenectomySurgical procedure in which panc head, GB, and some bile ducts and prox duodenum are removed from malignant pancreatic neoplasmPhlegmonPeripancreatic fluid collection that results from inflammation of the pancreasUncinate processsPosteromedial extension of the panc headVon Hippel-lindau diseaseHereditary disease that incldudes development of cysts within the pancreas and other organszollinger -ellison sydromeexcessive secretion of acid by the stomach caused by the presense of functional gastrinoma within the pancreasAll of the following are part of the exocrine function of the pancreas except the:production of glucagonWhat is an additional name for accessory duct of the pancreasDuct of santoriniWhich of the following is associated with development of cysts within the ancreasvon hippel lindauThe most common form of malignancy of the pancreas isadenocarcinomaThe most common location of adenocarcinoma of the pancreas is within thehead of the pancThe most common location of focal pancreatitis is within thehead of pancAll of the following are sonographic features of chronic pancreatitis except:diffusely hypoechoic pancreasAll of the following are classic clinical features of acute pancreaitits exceptweight gainWhich lab value listed below appears to be more specific for acute pancreaitislipaseone of the most common locations for pancreatic pseudocyst is within thelesser sacwhich of the following is the most common islet cell tumorinsulinomacourvoisier gallbladder is found in the presence ofadenocarcinoma in the head of the pancreasGastrinoma of the pancreas can producezollinger-ellison syndromeName for the main pancreatic ductduct of wirshungAll of the following are clinical findings associated with pancreatic adenocarcinoma except:decrease amylase and lipasePortino of the bowel that encompasses the head of the pancreas is theduodenumwhich cell carrys out the exocrine function of pancreasacinar cellsMost common echogenicity of an acutely inflamed pancreashypoechoicArterial blood supply to the head of the pancreas is via thegastroduodenal arteryOne clinical sign of insulinoma is presence oflow blood sugar symptomswhat is early sonographic appearance of acute pancreatitisnormalmucinous cystadenocarcinomas of the pancreas are most often located within which parts of the pancreasbody and tailco-existing obstruction of the CBD and pancreatic duct may be referred to as thedouble duct signcourvoisier gallbladderpalpable gallbladder caused by a biliary obstruction in the area of the panc headPancreas is aretroperitoneal organWhich part of the pancreas is located right lateral to superior mesenteric vein, anterior to inferior vena cava, and inferior to portal veinheadPancreatic tail is outlined posteriorly by what vascular structuresplenic veinwhich part of the pancreas is located anterior to portal confluencepanc neckwhich of the following is the hormone released by the pancreas that encourages bodys use of glucagoninsulin