17 terms

Coding 247; Shannon Moss, Chapter 18

ligation, exploration, debridement
What are the three things that are considered components of wound repair?
length, complexity, site of repair
Wound repair codes are determined by what three criteria?
simple, intermediate, complex
What are the three classifications of wound repair?
multiple procedures
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What is the title for the information that preceeds each section?
What is the term for cleansing of an area or wound?
What type of biopsy may be performed to excise a disc of tissue?
tissue expander
What is the term for the elastic material formed into a sac that is then filled with fluid or air?
What is the name of the graft that is taken from the patient's body?
benign or malignant
What is the major distinction in coding destruction of lesions?
site and size
The division of malignant lesion excision is based on _______ and _______.
What is the procedure used to treat acne or wrinkles by means of sanding?
In order to report Mohs surgery, the physician would act as the surgeon and the __________.
In what kind of biopsy is the entire lesion removed for biopsy?
Shirley Peters, age 80, an established patient, presents to the office for removal of 12 skin tags?
Dermatologists are the only providers who utilize the codes in the integumentary system? T or F
In the excision of a lesion, the size is taken from the pathology report. True or False