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Upper Int Unit 5


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(n.) similar things placed in order or happening one after another
(n.) a person who puts money in a business ONLY to make a profit
(v.) return to its original or usable condition
internally (adv.)
on/from the inside
enhance (v.)
make better or more attractive
expose (v.)
to show or make visible
predict (v.)
to say what will happen before it occurs, usually based on evidence
motivate (v.)
to provide with a reason for doing; to push to achieve some goal or course of action
dire (adj.)
extremely serious or negative
outlaw (v.)
passing a law to make something illegal OR ban
media (n.)
all public forms of communication, such as tv, radio, newspaper, the internet, and advertisements
colleague (n.)
a person who is member of your profession
consequences (n.)
results or effects of an action
affect (v.)
credit (n.)
money available from a bank for someone to borrow
catalogue (n)
a small magazine advertising the products of a company (e.g. Woolworths, Coles, Ikea, Priceline Pharmacy)
aware (adj)
somebody who knows about something
e.g. Jill is environmentally a_______ and doesn't like people who litter.
consumer (n)
person who buys or uses something
debt (n)
money that someone owes to a bank or a person
e.g. She bought a house and unfortunately lost her job so now she is in a lot of d_______.
enhance (v)
to improve or make better
eternal (adj)
lasting forever
vanity (n)
pride in one's looks or appearance
vain (adj)
someone proud of his/her own looks or appearance
to go under the knife
to have an operation
eating disorder (n)
terrible eating habits that a person cannot control (e.g. eating too much or eating too little)
scam (n/v)
fraud, cheat someone by illegally taking money from them
memorable (adj)
something that you can remember for a long time
alleviate (v)
to lessen an unpleasant feeling like pain or anger
navigate (v)
to be able to find something (by road or on a website)

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