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  1. Dilatory
  2. recondite
  3. sententious
  4. dowdy
  5. paraphrase
  1. a adjective, self righteous, characterized by moralizing; given to use of maxims or adages; saying much in few words, pithy
  2. b verb, to restate in other words; noun, a statement that presents a given idea in new language
  3. c exceeding ordinary knowledge and understanding
  4. d tenting to delay or procrastinate, not prompt; intended to delay or postpone SYNONYMS: stalling slow tardy laggard ANTONYMS: prompt punctual speedy expeditious
  5. e adj, poorly dressed, shabby; lacking smartness

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  1. noun, an inhabitant, resident; one who frequents a place
  2. verb, to affirm, declare confidently
  3. verb, to soften, make gentle, to calm, allay; to reduce in intensity
  4. verb, to oppose successfully; to prevent, frustrate
  5. adjective, willing to follow advice or authority, tractable, submissive; responsive, amendable to; liable, to be held responsible for

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  1. fomentadjective, firm in purpose or opinion, unyielding; noun, an extremely hard substance


  2. cholerichidden, disguised, purposefully kept a secret; sheltered, secluded; (n.) a sheltered place, a hiding place


  3. profligateadjective, abundantly productive; abundant, profuse


  4. SuppositionDEFINITION: something that is assumed or taken for granted without conclusive evidence SYNONYMS: assumption presumption hypothesis


  5. dunto demand insistenly, especially in payment of a debt; (n.) a creditor; (adk.) dark, dull, drab, dingy