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Human Body Systems Functions

What is the function (job or purpose) of each system?

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skeletal system
the body's framework that provides support and protection
muscular system
provides posture, flexibility, and movement
integumentary system
the skin (the protective covering of the body)
respiratory system
exchanges oxygen and carbon dioxide with the surrounding environment
digestive system
breaksdown food for the body to use for energy
cardiovascular system
transports blood containing oxygen and nutrients to the body
lymphatic system
helps remove wastes made by the immune system (dead germs)
endocrine system
produces chemicals called hormones that help control body functions
urinary system
produces urine by filtering wastes from the kidneys
excretory system
a collection of four body systems that removes wastes from the skin, lungs, large intestines, and bladder
nervous system
controls the body's responses to internal and external stimuli
immune system
fights disease and pathogens (germs)