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  1. a symbiotic relationship in which both species benefit.
  2. all the populations sharing a specific area or region.
  3. organism that supports a parasite.
  4. a type of symbiosis in which one species benefits while the other seems to be unaffected.
  5. any organism that gets its food by eating other organisms.
  6. all the members of a species living in a particular area at a particular time.

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  1. Symbiosisa close relationship between two species.


  2. Scavengerany organism that gets its food by eating other organisms.


  3. Decomposerorganism that feed on the remains or wastes of other organisms.


  4. Food Chaintraces the path of energy as it moves from one organism to the next in an ecosystem.


  5. Speciesa group of organisms that can mate and produce offspring that in turn can produce more offspring.


  6. Parasitismstructure, behavior, or other trait in an organism that helps it to survive in its environment.


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