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  1. structure
  2. Host
  3. Community
  4. Scavenger
  5. Mutualism
  1. a the parts of a cell.
  2. b organism that supports a parasite.
  3. c all the populations sharing a specific area or region.
  4. d eat the remains of organisms left behind by other animals.
  5. e a symbiotic relationship in which both species benefit.

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  1. the basic building blocks of all organisms. Within cells the basic functions of organisms (converting food into energy and getting rid of waste) are carried out.
  2. organism that feed on the remains or wastes of other organisms.
  3. a living thing.
  4. break down waste material inside a cell, found in animal cells only.
  5. tough outer barrier that protects plant cells and give them shape, functions like the security fence, found only in plant cells.

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  1. Food Weba system of several overlapping food chains.


  2. nuclear membranethin outer layer of cell that functions like a gatekeeper allowing certain materials in and out of the cell, found in plant and animal cells


  3. cellular respirationin the mitochondria of a cell O2 is chemically combined with glucose (sugar) to release energy (ATP), CO2, and H2O. Happens in plant and animal cells.


  4. Produceruse the energy of the sun to produce their own food (plants).


  5. chlorophyllstructures in a plant cell that make glucose and oxygen, function like solar panels, found only in plant cells.