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  1. Parasitism
  2. tissue
  3. Food Web
  4. Decomposer
  5. function
  1. a a collection of similar cells that work together to perform a function.
  2. b the job that structures are designed to do.
  3. c organism that feed on the remains or wastes of other organisms.
  4. d a system of several overlapping food chains.
  5. e a type of symbiosis that occurs when an organism called a parasite feeds on the cells, tissues, or fluids of another organism call a host.

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  1. structures in a plant cell that make glucose and oxygen, function like solar panels, found only in plant cells.
  2. organism that supports a parasite.
  3. a type of symbiosis in which one species benefits while the other seems to be unaffected.
  4. all the members of a species living in a particular area at a particular time.
  5. attached to endoplasmic reticulum and make copies of proteins for a cell, found in both plant and animal cells

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  1. Mutualisma living thing.


  2. organisma living thing.


  3. Communityall the populations sharing a specific area or region.


  4. mitochondrionuse oxygen and glucose to transform the energy in food to a form the cell can use through a process called cellular respiration, functions like the power plant of the cell, found in plant and animal cells.


  5. Consumerany organism that gets its food by eating other organisms.