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Which one of the following areas receives blood directly from the for pulmonary veins

left atrium

Which one of the following forms elements is the most abundant


The element necessary in the diet for proper thyroid function is


The atria the heart are the chambers that are

located superiorly and are the receiving chambers of the heart

An enlargement of the thyroid gland resulting from a dietary deficiency of dietary iodine is called


The hormone that appears to help regulate our sleep-awake cycle is


Platelets are fragments of multi-nucleate cells called


Which one of the following blood vessels carry Oxygenated blood

pulmonary vein

A clot that breaks away from a vessel wall and circulates freely within the bloodstream is called an


The thyroid gland is located

below the Adams apple

The cresent-shaped pacemaker of the heart that initiates depolarization under normal conditions is the

Sinoatrial node (SA)

Which one of the following is not among the factors that leads to undesirable clotting


Blood normally clots in approximately

3 to 6 minutes

Which one of the following is not one of the major processes controlled by hormones

body coordination

When the ventricles contract The bicuspid (mitral) valve prevents blood from flowing from the

left ventricle to the left atrium

The average functional lifespan of an RBC is

100-120 days

Which one of the following is not true of white blood cells

They initiate the clotting process

Which one of the following groups consist of granulocytes

Neutrophils, eosinophils, and basophils

A heartrate this is substantially slower than normal (less than 60 beats per minute) is called


Into which one of the following vessels of blood enter during ventricular systole

Both a and c (aorta and pulmonary trunk)

the superior vena cava empties

deoxygenated blood into the right atrium

The thick layer of the heart wall that contains contractile cardiac muscle tissue is the


The secondary sex characteristics brought about by testosterone secretion do not include

development of breasts

A substance that stimulates the immune system to release antibodies


The mitral valve is normally closed

when the ventricle is in systole

Transfusion reactions coming to all of the following except


Blood is a type of which kind of body tissue


The Pituitary gland is located

within the temporal lobe

Which one of the following blood vessels is not part of the systemic circulation

coronary arteries

The series of reactions that stop blood flow following a cut is called


the tricuspid valve is located between the

right atrium the right ventricle

The most common type of blood in the US population is


Hormone concentrations in the blood under normal conditions are usually regulated by

negative feedback mechanisms

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