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Korean medicine quiz

Nice quiz about Korean medicine.
Buddhist priests
Before the 6th century AD, _________ from China introduced Chinese medicine to Korea and Japan.
Tang dynasty
Travelling priests disseminated Chinese medical knowledge throughout these countries more widely during the _________ (618-907 AD).
wormwood and garlic
In Samguk Yusa Gojoseon where the founding myth of Korea is recorded, there is a story of a tiger and a bear who wanted to reincarnate in human form and who ate _____________.
eatable medicine
In this fable , which was written around the time of Samguk Yusa, wormwood and garlic are described as_____________ , showing that, even in times when incantatory medicine was the mainstream, medicinal herbs were given as curatives in Korea.
Three Kingdoms
In the period of the ____________ Chinese Medicine and Indian Medicine were adopted in Korea, thereby setting up the foundation of original Korean medicine
Goguryeo dynasty
In the __________________, traditional medicine from the Silla dynasty and Indian medicine as influenced by Buddhism were adopted.
Yuan Dynasty
By the time the _____________was established in China, Korean medicine had developed its own techniques.
southern Manchuria
because hostile states in ____________________ at Korea's borders prevented the exchange of medical knowledge between the two countries.
Eui Bang Ryu Chwi
Korean medicine flourished in the Joseon Dynasty. During the reign of King Sejong, a book named ________________was published which consolidated knowledge from books on Chinese medicine. After this, many books on Korean medicine were published.
early 20th century
In the ___________________, the colonisation of Korea by Japan brought medicine from the West and there was a period of decline for traditional Korean medicine.
by the end of World War II and subsequent _________________ from Japan, traditional Korean medical practices regained their popularity
weakened immune system
Korean medicine considers decreased vital energy and a ____________ to be the cause of disease

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