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Idioms about Food

idioms that refer to food. Try this presentation. http://eflclassroom.com/flash/whatpeopleeat.swf
piece of cake
something easy to do
to cry over spilled milk
to complain or worry over something unimportant
to put all your eggs in one basket
to depend on one plan or one source of income
foolish, ill conceived
to have a finger in the pie
to have a share in something, participate in something
the cream of the crop
the very best
to butter up
to flatter
to bring home the bacon
to earn a living
that's the way the cookie crumbles
nothing can be done about it
to have sour grapes
to act out of jealousy
easy as pie
easy to do
to take with a grain of salt
to doubt the truth of something
square meal
large, satisfying meal
like two peas in a pod
very similar
couch potato
someone who spends a lot of time watching t.v.
to be in a pickle
to be in a difficult situation
food for thought
something that makes you think deeply
icing on the cake
something that makes a good situation even better