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The Planets

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rocky planets
group of four planets in our solar system formed when the Sun melted ice particles creating rocky dense planets.
gas giants
planets farther from the Sun's heat where ice particles combined with gas creating larger lighter planets.
closest planet to the Sun. Very hot rocky planet. tSmall quickly moving planet.
Second planet from the Sun, but is the hottest because it has a thick atmosphere which traps heat.
Third planet from the Sun. Has atmosphere which sustains life.
Red planet with rust on the surface causing the red glow. Fourth planet from the Sun.
The first of the gas giants and fifth planet from the Sun. Largest planet in the solar system. Has great red spot which is a storm.
Sixth planet from the Sun. Second of the gas giants with seven large shining rings.
Seventh planet from the Sun third gas giant. Has strange rotation which is top to bottom.
Last planet in the solar system and the fourth gas giant. Windiest planet in the solar system.

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