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agricultural revolution
Farmers versus hunters, change in life style. cities, special jobs, steady food, beginning of law development.
a group of people who share beliefs , customs, language, dress, jobs.
Cultural traits
Type of work, beliefs, behaviors, customs way of doing things
Cultural importance
defines groups +populations,social structure defines a way of life. maintains order in a society.
3 economic systems
capitalism, socialism, communism
individuals can own businesses and decide what to sell (good or services) Owners decide how much to pay workers and how to use profits.
Government owns most basic industries, decides on workers pay +how much to charge for goods and services. uses profits to provide health + education for society.
Central Government owns all property
3 example of forms of governement or political systems.
democracy, monarchy, dictator ship
a system that sets up and enforces a societies laws + institutions.
direct democracy
Small groups. everyone helps in run the day to day issues. chiefs or elders decide what was right or what to do . Decision bast on culture and customs, beliefs.
representative democracy.
Constitutional monarchy. Citizens chose representatives to run the country. US, Canada, Israel.
Dictator ship
One person takes over the country and makes all the decisions for the people. CUBA "If I ruled the world."
King or Queen rules the government due to being born into royalty. The ruler inherits the throne .
constitutional Monarchy
Sets of laws that define + limit King + Queen power. Born into Rule.
Nuclear family
Mother Father and Children
Extended Family
Everyone lives in one house, includes grandparents, relatives. + nuclear family.
A government leader who has total power over the entire country. ( Stalin, Hitler, Saddam Hussain)
Social structure
the way a society is recognized, in sociology, the distinctive, stable arrangement of institutions whereby human beings in a society interact and live together. Social structure is often treated together with the concept of social change, which deals with the forces that change the social structure and the organization of society.
system by which goods and services are produced and distributed to meet people's needs
Those people involved in making goods or services for other people
discussion or action between or among people
cultural diffusion
Movement of customs and ideas. ( blue jeans invented in US and became popular all over the world.
tools + skills invented for people to make life easier. ( fire,weapons, TV, Radio Planes)
A flat section of land built into a hill or mountain side that people plant food on.
a person who uses goods or services
Accepting borrowing and exchanging ideas from different cultures.
social unit
The family
standards of accepted behavior
A task that a person or a machine performs for you.
political systems
groups of people who work together to solve problems that affect all.