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-able, -ible (intelligible)
able to be; capable of being
-ade (escapade)
action or process
-age (voyage)
action or process
-al, -ial (musical)
of; like; relating to; suitable for
-ance (tolerance)
act; process; quality; state of being
-ant (immigrant)
one who
-ary (customary)
of; like; relating to
-ate (activate)
characteristic of; to become
-cle, -icle (corpuscle)
-cy (diplomacy)
fact or state of being
-dom (boredom)
state or quality of
-ence (occurence)
act or state of being
-ent (fraudulent)
doing; having; showing
-er (boxer)
one who; that which
-ery (surgery)
place for; act, practice of
-esque (statuesque)
-ess (goddess)
-ful (careful)
full of
-ic (comic)
relating to; characteristic of
-ify (modify)
to make; to cause to be
-ion (calculation)
act, condition, or result of
-ish (tallish)
of or belonging to; characterized by
-ism (barbarism)
act, practice, or result of; example
-ity (integrity)
condition; state of being
-ive (inquisitive)
of; relating to; belonging to; tending to
-ize (jeopardize)
make; cause to be; subject to
-less (ageless)
-let (islet)
-like (childlike)
like; characteristic of
-logy (biology)
study or theory of
-ly (daily)
-ly (fatherly)
like; characteristic of
-ly (officially)
in (a specified manner; to a specified extent)
-ment (development)
action or process
-ment (amusement)
state or quality of
-ment (fragment)
product or thing
-ness (kindness)
state or quality of being
-or (actor)
one who
-ous (riotous)
having; full of; characterized by
-ship (censorship)
state or quality of being
-some (meddlesome)
like; tending to be
-tude (solitude)
state or quality of being
-y (thrifty)
characterized by