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Car Parts (Br)

main parts of a car
a thick rubber ring which is fitted around the wheel of a vehicle
a strap that you fasten across your body when travelling in a vehicle
the part of a vehicle that makes it stop or go more slowly
gear lever
a stick with a handle that you move to change gear in a vehicle
a piece of glass with a shiny metallic material on one side which produces an image of anything that is in front of it
the part of a car that starts the engine
a piece of metal that is used for receiving television or radio signals
air vent
a hole in a wall or machine that lets air in and allows smoke or smells to go out
a piece of equipment in a vehicle that shows how fast it is moving
driver's seat
seat the driver of a car sits on
the part of a vehicle that uses energy from oil, electricity, or steam to make it move
a circular object which is used for making vehicles or parts of machines move
a covered space at the back of a car, for storing things in
steering wheel
a wheel in a vehicle which the driver turns in order to make the vehicle go in a particular direction
windscreen wiper
one of two long metal and rubber parts that move against a windscreen to remove rain
the window at the front of a car, truck etc.
number plate
the sign on the front and back of a road vehicle that shows its registration number
wing mirror
a mirror on the outside of a car door which allows the driver to see the vehicles that are behind or overtaking
a large powerful light at the front of a vehicle, usually one of two
a horizontal bar along the lower front and lower back part of a motor vehicle to help protect it if there is an accident

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