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Poland was attacked from the west by this country in the fall of 1039: __________.


More than 338,00 British, Canadian, and French Troops were evacuated from the beaches and harbor of this city between May 26th and June 4th of 1930: __________.


__________ was legally appointed chancellor of Germany is 1933.

Adolf Hitler

These two countries signed a non-aggression pact in 1939 that one of them later would not follow: __________ and __________.

Russia, Germany

The largest and most well-known example of Jewish Resistance during the Holocaust took place during the spring of 1943 in this city: __________.


This political ideology calls for a classless society with collective ownership of all property: __________.


This prime minister led the French Socialists and his government attempted New-Deal type reforms: __________.

Leon Blume

This country was responsible for creating a "Greater Pacific Co-Prosperity Sphere" in the early 1930's: __________.


This Russian city held out against German and Finnish forces for 844 days, through 3 winters: __________.


He was put in charge of designing the worlds first nuclear reactor: __________.

Enrico Fermi

The program responsible for the senseless deaths of 80,000 mentally, racially, and physically unfit persons in Germany had this codename: __________.


In early 1938, Germany annexed this county, reaffirming its intention to bring all Germans into the Reich: __________.


The German invasion of the Soviet Union in June of 1949 was called Operation __________.


In this battle from July 1930 to June 1941, thousands of German planes dropped millions of tons of bombs on British targes: __________.

The Battle of Britain

The __________ Powers included the countries of Bulgaria, Finland and Japan.


How did Nazi efforts to end the Great depression in Germany contribute to the militarization of Europe?

With rearmament, intended to reduce unemployment.

Which of the following was NOT a cause of WWII's expansion from a European war to a genuinely global conflict?

Germany's U-boat campaign to starve England

The United States decided to defeat Hitler before dealing with Japan partly because __________.

Germany was a greater threat

Prior to June 1944 most of the fighting against Germany on the European continent was carried out by __________.


Stalin's plans for rapid industrialization were based on __________.

Using peasants food to feed workers

To support Spanish republican government and to protest the German bombing of a Basque town's civilians in April of 1937, Pablo Picasso painted __________.


The decision to use the atomic bomb against Japan was taken by President Harry S. Truman __________.

Against the advice of the scientists who built it, because they thought it shouldn't be used without warning and demonstration.

The last major German military offensive of World War II __________.

Was the Battle of the Bulge in Belgium.

What comes first? Japan joins the Axis Powers, France surrenders, Germany invades the Soviet Union, or U.S. enters WWII?

France Surrenders

The United States recognized the government of the Soviet Union in the 1930s in part because the United States __________.

Hoped the USSR could slow Japanese expansion.

The Nazis had little trouble in carrying out the program of extermination of the Jews in Europe since most people in Europe at the time __________.

Were anti-Semitics, and radicalized nationalists and saw Jews as "foreign"

The American's military strategy designed to defeat Japan in the Pacific was __________.

"Island Hopping" to cut Japan's supply lines.

Japan perused a policy of expansion in the Pacific partly because it needed __________.

Raw materials

Which of the following is in its proper chronological order from most recent to most distant? WWI Begins, Battle of the Atlantic, Japan Surrenders, Hitler Commits Suicide. Hitler Commits suicide, Japan surrenders, Battle of The Atlantic, WWII begins. Japan Surrenders, Hitler Commits suicide, Battle of the Atlantic, WWII Begins. or. WWII Begins, Hitler Commits Suicide, Battle of the Atlantic, Japan Surrenders.

Japan Surrenders, Hitler Commits suicide, Battle of the Atlantic, WWII Begins.

Author of Mein Kampf

A. Hitler

War in The Pacific Ends

August 1945

Succeeds Lenin as Soviet leader in 1924

J. Stalin

Policy of giving in to aggressor nation's demands to avoid war.


Allied invasion to liberate western Europe from German occupation


"Peace in out time"


French Nazi's


China, Soviet Union, UK

Allied Powers

Italian founder of Fascist Party

B. Moussolini

Allied firebombing campaign targets here


English Prime Minister 1940-1945

W. Churchill

Coalition of Different Political groups

Popular Front

Atomic Bomb Dropper here on 8/6/1945


"A date will will live in infamy"

Pearl Harbor

Process whereby a large atomic nucleus is split into two smaller particles


Fast moving, well coordinated attack


Germany, Italy Romania

Axis Powers

When War in Europe ends

May, 7th 1945

Scientist in charge of Manhattan Project


Information designed to influence others


In the aftermath of the 1848 revolution, Prussia was granted a new constitution which allowed for the election of a Parliament with voting based on __________.

Ethnic Heritage, only those with three generations of German Heritage were allowed to vote.

Louis Kossuth

Sought independence and a parliamentary government for Uruguay

Lord Curzon a prominent 19th century British conservative politician and proponent of empire believed that the key colony in the British Empire was __________.


Beginning in the mid-1850s under Napoleon III, much of Paris was rebuilt with both social and political concerns in mind; this reconstruction was directed by __________.

Baron Haussmann

The Boxer Rebellion __________.

Serves as an example of an anti imperialist movement

Historians refer to the form imperialism takes when a country directly rules annexed territories as __________.

Formal Imperialism

The Indian portion of the triangular European-Indian-Chinese economic relation was composed of __________.


The Treaty of Nanking __________.

Gave the British Hong Kong "in perpetuity"

The Franco-Prussian War was waged __________.

as the final stage in German unification

In what way was nineteenth-century Russian imperialism different from that of other European countries?

Russia championed a policy of only annexing lands bordering itself: it had no overseas colonies.

Although the British Empire reached its peak in the 19th Century, some colonies began to work for greater autonomy: the first to be granted "dominion" status within the Commonwealth was __________.


Giving voice to the supposed "civilizing" aspect to the "new imperialism" Rudyard Kiping urged both the British and the Americans to __________.

Take up the "White Man's Burden" of empire

Why did Bismark Bring Germany into the "scramble for Africa"?

The need to find cheaper sources of labor as well as raw materials

How many independent states were there in Africa in 1914?


Which nation used the symbol of the "Cape-to-Cairo" railway as their goal in Africa?


The process whereby peasants were forced to give up private farmland and join commercial farms supported by the state is called __________.


This term refers to breeding a superior human race which was championed by politicians, scientists and social critics at the turn of the 20th century: __________.


The first concentration camp established on German soil in March of 1933 to house political and racial enemies of the state was called: __________.


Italian Leader who came to power in 1922 and allied himself with Hitler and the Nazis during World War II: __________.

Benito Mussolini

__________ was the chief propagandist of the NSDAP and later was appointed head of the National Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda.

Joseph Grobbels

The radical right-wing group of the disaffected that formed around Il Duce in 1919 and a few years later came to power was called __________.

The Facsi

Formed in 1925 to serve as Hitler's personal security force and to guard the NSDAP meetings this group was notorious for carrying out Nazi policies: __________.


The Lower House of Italian Parliament is called: __________.

The Chamber of Deputies, or "Deputati"

Soviet effort launched in 1928 to replace the market with a state-owned and state-managed economy in order to promote rapid economic development: __________.

The Five Year Plan

The evening during which Nazis and their supporters attacked 7,500 Jewish stores and 200 synagogues was called (in English): __________.

The Night of Broken Glass

Who were the "Whites"?

Royalist opponents of the revolutionary communists in Russia

Fascism can be described as the combination of what three words?

Militarism, Nationalism, and Statism.

To what does the term "gulag" refer?

Forced-labor camps supplied by political prisoners of Stalin's government.

What was the Night of the Long Knives?

A lethal purge of Hitler's SA, killing over a thousand officials he considered unreliable.

To facilitate his economic policies, Stalin moved with particular viciousness against a group of well to do peasants known as __________.

- Kulaks

During the unstable period after Kaiser Wilhelm II's abdication (removal from the throne_) many armed bands grew in number and influence; among them were the Freikorps who were __________.

- Anti-Marxist, Anti-Semitic and Anti-Liberal.

What was the most prominent beneficial effect of the NEP?

The recovery of Russian agriculture to prewar levels of prosperity.

During the Russian Civil War, the communists' primary opponents were monarchists, but they were also opposed by anarchist peasant groups who opposed all central state power and who were known as the __________.


Mussolini managed the Italian state's long-standing conflict with the Catholic Church by __________.

Staging a public reconciliation, including independence for the Vatican in 1029

Although the October 1929 collapse of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) caused severe problems in the US, it had immediate and disastrous consequences in Europe because __________.

The U.S. had become a primary international creditor during WWI

Nazis' Official Secret State Police


Father of Modern Physics




Spanish surrealist painter of the 1930s

Salvador Dali

Benito Mussolini

Il Duce

32nd President of the USA


Aimed at influencing the publics attitude or opinion about a topic of interest


Supreme leader in Germany


Brown Shirts


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