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Greeley English Final: Characters

The ruler of Illyria. Powerful and a gentleman, he is obsessed with gaining the hand in marriage of the fair Lady Olivia, unaware that he himself has a secret admirer.
The secret admirer of Orsino, works for him disguised as a man named Cersairo after being shipwrecked. Olivia is in love with her.
Sea Captain
A friend to Viola , he helps her to disguise herself as Cesario, he initially reports Sebastian as dead.
Lady Olivia
A countess of high social standings and great beauty, Orsino is in love with her and wants her hand in marriage. She has resigned herself to seven years solitude following the loss of her brother.
Viola's twin brother, when the ship sinks, he believes that Viola drowns, frequently mistaken for Cesario.
A sea captain by trade, accompanies Sebastian in his travels.
Sir Toby Belch
Olivia's uncle, big drinker, great schemer of practical jokes, enjoys playing tricks on Malvolio.
Sir Andrew
The drinking partner of Sir Toby, loud behavior and rude, loves playing practical jokes, especially on Malvolio. He is rich and Sir Toby wants him to marry Olivia.
Lady Olivia's steward, he wishes to be really powerful and famous, he imagines himself marrying Olivia when he finds the fake love letter to him.
Lady Olivia's woman, patient, dislikes Sir Toby and Andrew's drinking, but dislikes Malvolio more and plays a joke on him with them.
"The clown", servant to Olivia, spends hours with Sir Toby.
Valentine and Curio
Gentlemen attending Orsino at the start of the play.
The brother of Laios before the play begins Oedipus sent him on a mission to receive the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi, and he returns with its news. Oedipus feels threatened by him and believes that he wants to take his thrown.
Oedipus's wife and mother; she is also the mother of his children. She assures Oedipus that the oracle proclaiming Laius's murder by his own son was false, since Laius was killed by highwaymen and his son had been left "to die on a lonely mountainside." Tells Oedipus not to trust the oracles.
Tells Oedipus that King Polybos of Corinth, who Oedipus had believed to be his father is dead. Oedipus also learns from him that Polybos was not his father.
A hereditary curse has been placed on his family, and he unknowingly has fulfilled the terms of the prophecy that Laius's son would kill him and marry his wife.
A blind prophet and servant of Apollo, twice was asked by Oedipus to come to the palace to discuss the crisis in Thebes. He tells Oedipus that he will become blind and poor, that Oedipus is himself Laius's murderer, and that he will learn that he has fathered children with his mother.
Second Messenger
Appears in the last scene to announce and describe Jocasta's suicide. He also relates Oedipus's discovery of her body and his subsequent blinding. He predicts future sorrows for a people whose kings descend from this polluted line.
Christopher Boone:
The autistic protagonist of the novel, who investigates the murder of Mrs. Shears' poodle.
Ed Boone
Christopher's father, up to the beginning of the story, he has been living with Christopher as a single parent for two years. He is usually very patient and understanding with Christopher, but gradually becomes uncomfortable with his son's investigation.
Judy Boone
Christopher's mother. Early in the book, Christopher writes that she died of a heart attack two years before the book's events.
Christopher's para-professional, friend, and mentor. She teaches him how society works and how to behave within its complex guidelines.
Mr. Jeavons
The psychologist at Christopher's school
Roger Shears (Mr. Shears)
One of the neighbors who lived near the Boones, but has left his wife before the story begins. He had an affair with Judy Boone, and was living with her.
Eileen Shears (Mrs. Shears)
The Boone's other neighbor, her dog was killed and her husband left her.
Mrs. Alexander
An old lady, who is one of Christopher's neighbours, who offers information to help Christopher's investigation regarding his parents and both the Shears'.
Mrs. Shears' large black poodle, which Christopher finds dead in her front yard.
Christopher's pet rat