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Stephen Mather
First director of the National Park Service. He was a self-made millionaire and conservationist who led a campaign to promote the creation of this agency.
Horace Albright
Conservationist who became the assistant director to the newly created National Park Service and hand-picked to be the superintendent of Yellowstone National park
See America First campaign
Tourism campaign created by Stephen Mather that worked with the Northern Pacific Railroad to promote Glacier National Park as the "Swiss Alps of the United States"
Purpose of preserving Glacier National Park
To protect beaver and big-horn sheep from excessive hunting and protect the land from mining
Organic Act of 1916
The bill passed into law that created the National Park Service
Creation of national parks under the Organic Act of 1916
They can only be created by an act of Congress
Supervision of parks under the Organic Act
U.S. Department of Interior
NPS obstacles during World War I
Lumber and livestock companies saw war mobilization as an opportunity to use resources like lumber and wildlife within the national parks.
Zion National Park
Utah national park where tributaries of the Virgin River have carved canyons into the Navajo Sandstone. Originally known as Mukantuweap National Monument.
Horace Albright
Responsible for the re-designation and renaming Zion National Park
Stephen Mather
Personally responsible for convincing Congress to create Arches National Park and Bryce Canyon National Parks
Wealthy, influential Americans
People who set out to save America's parks by rallying to create a federal agency, like the NPS, to specifically protect them.
Increasing tourism to the current national parks
The way to get Congress to set aside money for the management of current national parks, and make legislation to create new ones.
Horace Albright
Help acquire land in the eastern U.S. to create national parks like Acadia National Park and the Great Smokey Mountains National Parks
Stephen Mather
Took wealthy, influential men on a two week luxurious camping trip in the Sierra Nevada Mountains to convert these men into defenders of the wilderness