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As a human on earth, our current status is "mission accomplished." The bridge between us and God has been united and mankind has been rescued from the grip of Satan. The only thing left now for us is death, which is accompanied by the "four last things." These last four things are death, judgement, heaven, and hell. Immediately after we die, we are judged by God and our soul will enter into either heaven, hell, or purgatory for a little bit of purification before heaven. If we have accepted God's gift of salvation, then we will be granted the gift of heaven, or eternal life with God. If we choose to deny this gift, however, then we will not be granted into heaven. In order to reach heaven, we must accept and open the gift. Jesus will never force us into eternal friendship with Him and invites us to have a wholehearted commitment. By accepting the gift, we become a disciple of Jesus. Being a disciple also requires us to have faith, Baptism, and a total conversion of life. If we do all of these things in accordance with God's will, then we will receive a state of supreme and definitive happiness, better known as heaven. Being a disciple of Jesus, can, however, seem daunting at times. We are called to a high standard, death to self, denial of sin, persecution, and lots of courage and grace. If we choose to not follow these things, then we will be sentenced to a state of definitive self-exclusion from communion of God and the blessed. God will let us choose whether we want to go to heaven or hell, so we must choose wisely.