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  1. Dale un saludo mi parte
  2. Por supuesto.
  3. ir a cafés
  4. hacerse amigo(a) de alguien
  5. el rollo de película
  1. a to go to (outdoor) cafes
  2. b Of course.
  3. c Say hi to...for me
  4. d roll of film
  5. e to make friends with someone

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  1. the tourist
  2. to go to a cybercafe
  3. to recommend (for someone)
  4. waterfall
  5. to buy souvenirs

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  1. averiguarto find out


  2. No hice nada.ticket, entry fee


  3. la entradaticket, entry fee


  4. Con cariño,...Love,...


  5. quedarse con parientesto stay with relatives