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  1. tomar un taxi
  2. Espero que estés bien.
  3. el (la) recepcionista
  4. ir a un cibercafé
  5. el (la) turista
  1. a receptionist
  2. b to take a taxi
  3. c to go to a cybercafe
  4. d the tourist
  5. e I hope you're doing well.

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  1. roll of film
  2. hot springs
  3. to explore the jungle
  4. Could you tell me...?
  5. free of charge

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  1. el (la) taxistataxi driver


  2. ir a cafésto go to (outdoor) cafes


  3. Dale un saludo mi parteSay hi to...for me


  4. la cataratawaterfall


  5. Por supuesto.Of course.