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  1. recomendarle (a alguien)
  2. el (la) turista
  3. el (la) taxista
  4. Con cariño,...
  5. Dale un saludo mi parte
  1. a Say hi to...for me
  2. b taxi driver
  3. c the tourist
  4. d Love,...
  5. e to recommend (for someone)

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  1. Could you tell me...?
  2. receptionist
  3. ticket, entry fee
  4. Of course.
  5. to stay with relatives

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  1. Espero que estés bien.Of course.


  2. averiguarto find out


  3. No hice nada.I didn't do anything.


  4. explorar la selvato explore the jungle


  5. sugerirle (a alguien)to suggest (that someone)