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organic molecules that have identical molecular formulas but differing ARRANGEMENT OF ATOMS

geometric isomers

organic molecules that vary in spacial arrangement

structural isomers

organic molecules that vary in covalent arrangement

sterioisomers or entantiomers

organic molecules that vary in spacial arrangment around asymetric carbon


large organic molecules; also called polymer which are made of repeating units called monomers


removal of water molecule to connect monomers together to make polymers; also called condensation reaction


addition of water molecule to disassemble polymers into monomers


class of organic compounds composed of monosacharrides and disaccharides


single sugar molecule


2 monosaccharides joined together by glycosidic linkage during dehydration


polymer of monosaccharides; low solubility, not sweet


long coiled polymer of glucose


polymer of glucose, each glucose having an amino group; very resistant to wear and digestion


class of organic compounds that tends to be insoluble in water; fats and oils


type of lipid (fat); containing backbone of glycerol molecule and 3 fatty acids; long term energy story

saturated fat

fats containing single bonds between carbons in the hydrocarbon chain


fats containing one or more double bond(s) between carbons in the hydrocarbon chain


type of lipid; skeleton of 4 fused carbon rings; cholesterol, testosterone, estrogen


type of lipid; long-chain fatty acid bonded to long-chain alcohol; high melting point, waterproof, resistant to degradation


organic molecule consisting of one or more polypeptides; different types/functions- enzymes, structure, carriers, signaling, contraction, antibodies

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