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A company that wants to get consumers to buy a more expensive version of an item such as fancy bottled water, might try which persuasive technique
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Because books are such an old traditional medium they are no longer very influentialFalseBecause of the backlash against social networking websites advertisers are moving their advertising dollars back to traditional media outlets like tv and radioFalseCollier's and women's home companion failed in the 1920's because of poor managementFalseCommercial speech is a right guaranteed by the 1st amendmentTrueDespite amazon's tempt to jump start the ebook market with the kindle device its is the slowest growing segment of the book publishing industryFalseE publishing has allowed authors to side step traditional publishers because the price of ebooks are lowTrueEarly european magazines were oriented towards _Broad Political CommentaryEven though boutique industries's give creative people the freedom to work they haven't been able to attract any major clientsFalseEvergreen magazine subscriptions are those that are automatically renewed on the subscriber's credit cardTrueFor many years readers digest was the most popular magazine in the worldTrueFrom the perspective of myth analysis many advertisements involve all but which of the following elementsDisassociation corollaryGoogle earns the most online advertising revenueTrueGuttenberg invented the printing press in the 15th centuryTrueHidden or disguised print or visual messages are called _subliminal advertisingIn 1828 sarah josepha hale started the first magazine directed at a female audience called _the Ladies' Magazine ; Godey's Lady's BookIn an ad showing a salesmen talking about how his father taught him to be honest and hardworking and showed to treat people fairly demonstrates what type of adPlain FolksIn an effort to attract more viewers tv networks have cut commercials during prime timeTrueIn the publishing industry advanced money is an early payment to the author that is not deducted from the author's royalties from the books salesFalseJohannes gutenberg is remembered for _The Printing PressLarge companies are increasingly dominating the magazine businessTrueLife magazine was able to compete with popular radio programs by running popular fiction first person news reports and other text based featuresFalseMagazines survived the coming of tv in part by developing demographic and regional additionsTrueMany books from the middle ages were called illuminated manuscripts because they were _Painstakingly bound, lettered and decorated by scribesMost advertisements provide little info about how a product was made or how it compares with similar brandsTrueMost of the original publishing houses in america such as JB lippincott, harper and bros, and Houghton miffin are still independent companies that are unaffiliated with other media firmsFalseMuckraking journalist exposed corruption and abuses in the oil, meat packing, and patent medicine industriesTrueNumerous books became best sellers after the authors appeared onOprahOnce strongly influenced by books tv and film now look else where for most of their story ideasFalseOne 20th century trend associated with advertising was the transition from a producer to a consumer societyTrueOne of Cyrus curtis's strategies for reinvigorating the saturday evening post was to _printing popular fiction and romanticizing American virtues through words and pictures; reversed journalistic direction of the muckraking eraOne of the benefits of online advertising is that it tends to protect the privacy of the consumers that use the internetFalseOne of the reasons for TV Guide's popularity was that _many newspapers hadn't yet started publishing TV listingsOne of the triumphs of the internet is that it allows the digital passage of banned books into nations where printed versions have been outlawedTrueOnline-only and online versions of print magazines are _able to add interactive components to their articlesPatent medicines marketed in the late 1800's were generally harmless bcuz they consisted mostly of flavored waterFalsePres theodore roosevelt criticizes magazine journalist who exposed corruption in the gov muckrakersTrueProduct placement is a form of advertisement that puts products into movies tv shows and video gamesTrueProfessional books are sold mostly through mail order the internet or specialized sale representativesTruePulp fiction was a name for popular paperbacks and dime novels of the 1880'sTrueSales of religious books have dropped substantially over the past 20 yearsFalseSome of the first american advertising agencies were space brokers who bought space in newspapers and sold it to their clientsTrueSome of the most influential magazines of the 19th century were targeted at womenTrueSpecialized magazines were published in america throughout the 19th centuryFalseSplit-run editions allow national magazines to tailor advertising to different geographic areasTrueTV Guide succeeded, in part , because it was readily available at the nation's supermarket checkout lineTrueTV networks have been known to refuse issued based advertising that might upset their traditional advertisersTrueThe ad council produces PSA's at no cost to the clientTrueThe chinese were printing books using strips of wood and bamboo long before gutenberg printed his bible using movable typeTrueThe harry potter series gave an enormous boost to the juvenile books segment of the trade industryTrueThe web and app formats give magazines unlimited space and the ability to do things that are impossible to do in the print versionTrueThe_ is the blueprint or roughly drawn comic strip of a potential adStoryboardThe circulation of tabloid newspapers such as the National Enquirer declined after their peak in the 1980'sTrueThe development of book superstores in the 1980's reinvigorated book salesTrueThe dominant form of web advertising is_Banner AdThe first colonial magazine published by andrew bradford and ben franklin enjoyed instant success and went on for many yearsFalseThe first e book readers introduced in the 1990's were deemed too expensive and too heavyTrueThe first magazines in america were edited for working classesFalseThe first magazines primarily offered entertainment news and gossipFalseThe first printed books were so inexpensive and modest that they were primarily sold to the middle and lower classesFalseThe first proto modern book which used sheets of materials sewn together which allowed the books to be open at any page was called a _CodexThe high price of such consumer products as designer jeans and breakfast cereal can be contributed primarily to _Advertising costThe saturday evening post continued the muckraking tradition especially by criticizing businessFalseTo avoid offending readers Sports Illustrated does not publish investigative articlesFalseUniversity presses are the smallest division in the book industryTrueWPP is one of the 4 global mega industries that control over half of the worlds ad revenueTrueWebzines such as salon and slate have opened new doors for online journalismTrueWhat division of the book industry makes the most moneyTrade BooksWhat is the marvel cinematic universefranchise centered around superheroesWhat advertising strategy emerged because of corporate mergers and public distrust of large corpDisassociation corollaryWhich magazine was the foremost outlet for photojournalism in the mid 20th centuryLife MagazineWhich of the following is a form of advertising in which sponsors pay to have their products seen on tvProduct PlacementWhich of the following is a method large book publishers use to generate large revenuessigning lucrative agreements for turning books into films or television programsWhich persuasive technique in advertising involves exploiting a consumer's sense of insecurityHidden-fear appealWho wrote history of the stanford oil company first serialized in mcclure's magazineIda TarbellWomen's magazines such as good housekeeping and woman's day survived the competition for advertising dollars better than magazines lifelockTrue