JLMC 240X Exam 3

According to the text, what is the core value of journalism?
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How did Parliament make it difficult for reporters to cover their sessions?Know the U.S. Supreme Court verdict of Near v MinnesotaIt violated the first amendment freedom of speechDefine muckrakerone who inquires into and publishes scandal and allegations of corruption among political and business leadersWhat does the Freedom of Information Act guarantee?generally provides that any person has the right to request access to federal agency records or informationKnow what sunshine laws guaranteeMeetings must be public to the audienceKnow the purpose and founder of ProPublicaPaul Steiger | non profit investigative journalism sourceKnow the three types of investigative journalismOriginal, Interpretive, Reporting on investigationKnow why so many network investigative programs were created in the 1990s/early 2000sThey saw it as a great way to server the public while drawing in ratingsHow did these programs begin to dilute the original intent of investigative reporting?moved to stories that had to deal with safety/ consumer issuesKnow the five more commonly investigated topics of the last decadeKnow the definition of "cry wolf" journalismKnow two other terms for civic journalismPublic Journalism or Community JournalismKnow definition of civic journalismthe idea of integrating journalism into the democratic processWhat did Washington Post columnist David Broder suggest journalists do a better job of?move closer to the people they serverThe Portland Press-Herald pioneered "expert reporting." What is it?medical topicsWhy did newspapers like the Charlotte Observer and the Akron Beacon Journal sponsor public forums?Why do some journalists disagree with media sponsoring public forums or practicing solution journalism?The job is not to shape outcomesWhat is the utmost goal of civic journalism?to tell the community about significant issues so people can make important decisions about their lives