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Which network support services team identifies whether the client site has existing network hardware and circuits installed?

planning and provisioning

Which network utility helps determine the location of network problems and identifies routers that packets travel across?


At which point do individuals and small businesses connect directly to the ISP network to obtain Internet access?

at a POP

Which ISP network support systems team will typically contact the customer once a new circuit is ready and guide the customer in setting up passwords and other account information?

help desk

When does a host device issue an ICMP echo request?

to initiate a ping to determine if a destination address is reachable

Refer to the exhibit. Host A cannot connect to the web server at Based on the output of the tracert command, which device is most likely causing the problem?

Router F

What interconnects the Internet backbone?


Which two things can be determined by using the ping command? (Choose two.)

the average time it takes a packet to reach the destination and for the response to return to the source

whether or not the destination device is reachable through the network

What was the original purpose of the Internet?


Which network support services team is responsible for testing a new customer connection and for monitoring the ongoing operation of the link?

network operations

What three support service teams are commonly found within an ISP? (Choose three.)

help desk
network operations center
planning and provisioning

The IT manager of a medium-sized business wishes to house the company-owned web servers in a facility that offers round-the-clock controlled access, redundant power, and high-bandwidth Internet access. Which ISP service will fulfill this need?

equipment collocation

What units are used to measure Internet bandwidth?

bits per second

What are three main types of high-bandwidth connection options used by medium- to large-sized businesses? (Choose three.)

metro Ethernet

What is the purpose of an RFC?

to document the development and approval of an Internet standard

Refer to the exhibit. A host is having problems maintaining a connection to a server at Which statement best describes the output of the ping command?

Some packets made it to the destination.

What is the maximum T1 transmission speed?

1.544 Mbps

Which statement describes a function of a Tier 1 ISP?

peers with other similarly sized ISPs to form the global Internet backbone

What feature enables network devices to be scalable?


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