The atomic number of an element indicates the number of
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Water molecules are highly attracted to each other due to what bond form?hydrogen bondingThe alpha helix is formed by what bond form?hydrogen bondingWhich bond form is best described as positive nuclei in a sea of electrons?metallic bondsWhat type of bond occurs between two atoms that both want to lose electrons?a metallic bondcovalently bonded items are calledmoleculesTrue or false: covalent bonds are present even in ionic compoundstrueWhat is the name for the twisted ladder shape of dna?alpha helixA molecule with 2 oppositely, partially charged endsdipole moleculenon-polar substances generally dissolve well innon polar substancesany atom that has lost or gained electrons is aniontrue or false: metals generally want to gain electronsfalse: metals generally want to lose electronsmost atoms want to have _______ electrons in their outer shell8Occur when a hydrogen atom that is part of a polar molecule is attracted to a partially charged negative pole of another molecule.hydrogen bondsMakes water strongly attracted to itself, gives dna and proteins their three dimensional shapeshydrogen bondsthe attraction of "free floating" valence electrons to their positively charged metal nucleimetallic bondsmakes metals good conductors of electricity, allows metals to be malleable and ductilemetallic bondingBinds oppositely charged ionsionic bondsthis type of bonding occurs when atoms share electrons with other atomscovalent bondsList the bond forms in order from strongest to weakestCovalent, Ionic (Covalent and ionic are interchangeable), Metallic, Hydrogen, Van der WaalsThis type of bond occurs between two, different, polar molecules not containing hydrogenvan der waals forces