Class Notes: November 10

What percentage of infants show secure attachment?
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At what age do infants begin to display joint attention?At 12 months oldAt what age do children recognize themselves in the mirror?Between 15 and 18 monthsAt what age do children begin to label themselves in photos?At around 2 years oldAt what age do children realize their thoughts are private?At age 5At what age to children realize thoughts differ from actions?At age 2At what age do children realize others' mental states differ from their own?At age 3Self EsteemAn individual's overall subjective evaluation of their worth and their feelings about this evaluationWhat are three things that can influence self-esteem?Physical appearance, perceived evaluations from others, and messages received about what is importantWhat influences girls' self-esteem?Behavior conduct, morals/ethicsWhat influences boys' self-esteem?Athletics, appearance, self-satisfaction