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  • 1891
    Year basketball was introduced.
  • Dr. James Naismith
    Inventor of basketball.
  • Springfield, Massachusetts
    City and state where YMCA College was located at.
  • soccer
    The first basketball games were played with a ball of this style.
  • peach baskets
    The first goals in basketball were these instead of nets.
  • 1892
    Year first official game of basketball was played.
  • 13
    Number of basic rules developed by Dr. Naismith.
  • 1936
    Year basketball became an Olympic Sport.
  • midcourt line
    Line dividing the court in half.
  • three-point arc
    Arc surrounding free-throw lane and basket.
  • 10 feet
    Elevation of rim.
  • 5
    Number of players on the court from each team.
  • 2 point field goal
    A ball that is shot into a team's basket from inside the 3 point arc.
  • 3 point field goal
    A ball that is shot into a team's basketball from outside the 3 point arc.
  • point guard
    Position #1.
  • shooting guard
    Position #2.
  • small forward (off guard)
    Position #3.
  • strong forward (post)
    Position #4.
  • center
    Position #5.
  • 8 minutes
    Length of a quarter in basketball.
  • 5
    Number of fouls needed to removed a player from the game.
  • assist
    Pass made to a teammate who scores.
  • backcourt
    The half of the court, including the mid-court line, nearest the opponent's basket.
  • defense
    Team not in possession of the ball.
  • double dribble
    A violation where a player picks up their dribble, then dribbles again.
  • drive
    An offensive maneuver toward the basket by a player with the ball.
  • foul
    Contact with the opposing team giving a player an advantage.
  • free throw
    An uncontested shot from behind the free throw line, after a foul.
  • front court
    The half of the court nearest a team's basket.
  • jump ball
    Putting the ball in play by tossing it between two players in the center circle. Used to start the game.
  • lay-up
    A short range shot made on the run off one foot.
  • man-to-man
    Defense involving each player guarding one offensive player at all times.
  • offense
    Team in possession of the ball.
  • pivot foot
    Foot that must stay in contact with the floor when you turn with the ball.
  • rebound
    A ball that bounces off the backboard and or basket.
  • step foot
    The foot that you step with as you turn with the ball.
  • traveling
    Moving the feet in any direction in excess of the prescribed limits while holding the ball.
  • triple threat position
    Feet slightly staggered, weight on the balls of your feet, knees bent, ball held in the shooting pocket.
  • violation
    Infraction of the rules which results in loss of possession and a throw in from out of bounds.
  • zone
    Defense involving placement of players in designated areas in their backcourt, thereby requiring them to guard those offensive players entering that area.