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World History WWI Study Guide

Glorification of the military
Central Powers
Group of countries that included Austria-Hungary, Italy, and Germany
Allied Powers
Group of countries that included UK, France, and Russia. Also includes the United States when they enter the war
Sclieffen Plan
a plan designed for Germany to avoid a two front war by invading Belgium to get to France. This however made Britain mad and declared war against Germany
The Black Hand
The Terrorist group that organized the assassination that was carried out by Gavrilo Princip. Gavrilo Princip was a member of this group. The assassination sparked the World War I
A battle that tries to break the stalemate by launching massive attack on French
British offensive to break german lines. No gain of terroitory
Trench Warfare
type of warfare used in WWI
No Man's Land
the land in between the trenches were many soliders died because of them going over the top. Many of them would die before they even got close to the enemy's trench.
Total War
Channeling of a nations entire resources into a war effort
Propaganda War
spreading of ideas to promote a cause or damage an opposing cause
British liner torpedoed by a German submarine in May 1915
Zimmerman Note
a note that was intercepted by the British from a German foreign minister seeking Mexico's support against the United States in exchange for helping Mexico recapture their lost territory (NM, TX, AZ)
Sussex Pledge
a agreement between the United States and Germany that the unrestricted submarine policy would be altered for safety.
a battle that ended Germany's hope for a quick victory on the Western Front
Over the top
a military term used when soldiers had to leave their trench and go into the No Man's Land in order to attack the enemy trench
Underground protection from enemy fire and for a place to sleep. They were connected to the trench system
Gavrillo Princip
Assassinated Ferdinand
Francis Ferdinand
His Death Caused WWI
Kaiser William II
German Emperor that offered support to Austria-Hungary to defeat the Black Hand
Georges Clemenceaus
a young French politician that railed the French people to defend their homeland
David Lloyd George
A British ruler that tried to prevent Germany from sinking British ships.
He was the Italian Prime Minister at the end of World War I and was one of the 3 leaders that were at the conference of Paris. He joined sides with allies during the war.
Woodrow Wilson
Sent america to war with Germany