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personality collocations and phrasal verbs


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get on well with
have good relations
let your hair downd
relax, wind out
bring back
to recall, to bring to mind
have a whale of time
have fun
be back
to return
break out
to begin suddenly( war)
break up
stop for holidays( school), to separate, to split up
bring up
to raise children
call on smb
to visit
to be carried away
to be very excited
come across
to find by chance
do down
speak badly about smb
do up
to fasten, to tie, to repair, to redecorate
do with
do without
to live, to continue without having smth
fall apart
to break into pieces, to end in failure
fall for
to be deceived, to fall in love with
fall out with
to quqrrel
get away with
to escape punishment
get down to
to start doing smth seriosly
give away
reveal secrets, give smth free of charge
keep up with
to proceed at an equal pace
be keen on doing
keep on doing
go on doing, continue
look after
to take care of
look down on
look up to
look for
search for
look up (words in the dictionary)
look for smth
make up for
pass away
set off
start a journey
set up
start a business
stand for
represent, tolerate
stand up to
resist, defend oneself
take after
resemble a relative
put up
erect, build, offer hospitality(put smb up)
take up
begin a hobby, sport, job
be taken aback
be strongly surprised
be taken in
be deceived
turn down
refuse an offer, reduce volume
turn up
arrive, appear, increase volume
wear out
ask after
ask for news
grow up
become older
look down on
think you are better than smb else, neglect
look up to
admire , respect
make up
become friends again
pick on / pick holes in smb
keep treating smo badly or unfairly
frown upon
disapprove of smb
put down
criticise, make smo feel stupid, stigmatise
settle down
become calm after being upset, stay in one place, become married and live quietly
stand up for yourself
defend yourself during an argument
be taken aback/ be carried away
be surprised, excited
to give a new appearance to a person or thing, especially in order to hide its true form:
He disguised himself by wearing a false beard.
to hide an opinion, a feeling, etc.:
I couldn't disguise my disappointment.
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do away with
get rid of
dress up
put on fancy clothes
go over
revise smth, think again
pop in to/ come round
visit for a short time