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  1. community based correlations
  2. two major components of the structural-functional approach
  3. It demonstrates that our social world guides our actions and life choices.
  4. symbolic interaction aradigm
  5. crime
  1. a From a sociological perspective, which of the following is true regarding the decision about
    whom to marry?
  2. b violation of formal criminal law
  3. c correctional programs operating within a society at large rather than behind prison walls
  4. d points up how ppl aatach various meaning to sexuality. societies differ. and sexual patterns within a society change over time
  5. e Social structure, social functions

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  1. emphasizes individual responsibility - helps explain why public assistance for the poor is sometimes controversial
  2. research method involving analysis of data originally collected by others
  3. -enables students to better grasp Canada's diversity.
    - can strengthen the academic achievement of Aboriginal Canadians.
    - teaches global connectedness.
    - is an effective strategy for presenting an accurate picture of the past.
  4. 1949 suggested that body structure might predict criminality
  5. incompatibility among roles corresponding to two or more

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  1. Symbolic-Interaction Analysis•Labelling theory
    •Primary and secondary deviance.
    •Social stigma and degradation ceremonies.
    •The medicalization of deviance (re-labelling
    of a deviant behavior)
    •Hirschi's Control Theory


  2. latent functions.a criminal act against a person or a person's property by an offender motivated by racial or other biases


  3. reckless & dinitz1967 illustrate the psychological approach - got teachers to categorize 12 year old male students - containment theroy


  4. beliefsare particular matters people hold to be true or false.


  5. social-conflictThe observation that police are more likely to arrest sex workers than their male clients is consistent with which theoretical analysis of sexuality