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  1. males have the highest suicide rates.
  2. rehabilitation
  3. Hirschi's Control Theory:
  4. Eurocentrism
  5. Feminization of Poverty
  1. a Suicide rates for people in Canada show that:
  2. b a program for reforming the offender to prevent later offences
  3. c 15% of women, 24% of older women, 49% of
    older unattached women and 65% of lone
    parent mothers live below the poverty line.
    (National Council on Welfare, 2004)
  4. d the dominance of European cultural patterns.
  5. e everyone finds some deviance tempting; what stops us from breaking all the rules?
    4 different types of social control:
    1. Attachment: Strong social attachments encourage
    2. Commitment: The greater a person's commitment
    to legitimate opportunities, the greater conformity.
    4. Involvement: Time and energies linked to
    "legitimate" activities inhibit deviance.
    4. Belief: Strong belief in conventional morality and
    respect for authority figures inhibits deviance.

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  1. ppl who sell their productive labour for wages
  2. the behaviour expected of someone who holds a particular status
  3. As a discipline, sociology first took root in
  4. •Gender: personal traits and social positions that
    members of a society attach to being male or female;
    largely a product of cultural socialization and distinction.
    •What is it that determines what is masculine and
    feminine? Often seen as a continuum.
    •What is the problem with labelling anything as being
    masculine or feminine?
    •Gender Stratification: the unequal distribution of
    wealth, power, and privilege between men and women.
  5. - Television viewing makes children more passive.
    -Television viewing makes children less likely to use their imagination.
    -Most programs SHOW how men in position of power over women.
    -Almost two-thirds of television programs contain violence.

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  1. social conflict paradigmwho & what is labeled deviant by: cultural relativity as compared the standard deviation of cultural means & norms, divided by the # of ppl in the family of the victims of the crime


  2. Social Stratification:
    Social Mobility within a Class System
    a change in social position occurring during a person's lifetime


  3. agrarianType of society engages in large-scale farming based on the use of plows drawn by animals or more powerful energy sources


  4. Auguste ComteThe term "sociology" was coined by


  5. social controlbuilds gender into personality & actions