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  1. status consistency
  2. retribution
  3. institutionalized.
  4. marx
  5. juvenile delinquency
  1. a is the violation of legal standards by the young
  2. b the degree of consistency in a person's social standing across various dimensions of social inequality
  3. c an act of moral vengence by which society makes the offender suffer as much as the suffering caused by the crime
  4. d A person who has lost the capacity for independent living is referred to as:
  5. e conflict in industrial societies place capitalists in opposition to the prolettariate

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  1. Four justifications:
    -1.Retribution is an act of MORAL vengeance by
    which society subjects an offender to suffering
    comparable to that caused by the offence.
    2. Deterrence is the attempt to discourage
    criminality through punishment.
    3. Rehabilitation involves reforming the offender
    to preclude subsequent offences.
    4. Societal protection is rendering an offender
    incapable of further offences temporarily
    through incarceration or permanently by
  2. refers to a shared WAY OF LIFE or social heritage
  3. is officially bilingual.
  4. based on birth and achievement. It involves
    - Meritocracy: stratification based on merit
  5. suggests that criminality is most common amoung lower class youths because they have the least opportunity to achieve conventional success.

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  1. formal social controlcriminal justice system - formal response by police etc


  2. garfinkle1956 degration ceremony


  3. cultural universalsusually motivated by racial or other bias


  4. Societal surplus:increases the division of labour.


  5. popular culture.policy of releasing inmates from prison to serve the remained of their sentence under supervision of a parole officer