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  1. caste systems
  2. merton
  3. role exit
  4. Structural-Functional Analysis
  5. community based correlations
  1. a the process by which people DISENGAGE from important social roles
  2. b common in agarian societies
  3. c argues that excessive deviance arises from particular arrangments
  4. d *Durkheim identified 4 distinct functions of deviance & merton's strain theory & deviant subcultures*
  5. e correctional programs operating within a society at large rather than behind prison walls

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  1. deprivation of some ppl in society
  2. vary from one culture to another.
  3. Rules and expectations by which a society guides behaviors of its members
  4. Important trend that is associated with the "information revolution"
  5. term for an educational program that recognizes the cultural DIVERSITY in Canadian society, and promotes the EQUALITY of all cultural traditions

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  1. intersection theoryinvestigates the intersection of race, class and gender which often results in multiple disadvantages


  2. Liberal feminismTime and energies linked to "legitimate" activities inhibit deviance.


  3. human biology, although society plays some role.The weight of evidence indicates that sexual orientation is caused mostly by:


  4. social interaction.rendering an offender incapable of further offences temporarily through imprisonment/permanetly by execution


  5. social structureattempts by society to regulate ppls behavior - either FORMAL or INFORMAL