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  1. Involvement:
  2. symbolic interaction aradigm
  3. leonard
  4. Primary sex characteristics
  5. hunting and gathering
  1. a uses simple tools to hunt animals and gather vegetation
  2. b points up how ppl aatach various meaning to sexuality. societies differ. and sexual patterns within a society change over time
  3. c Time and energies linked to "legitimate" activities inhibit deviance.
  4. d 1982 women have been socialized to define success in terms of relationships, particularily marriage and motherhood
  5. e the organs used for reproduction, namely the genitals.

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  1. the recognized violation of cultural norms
  2. observed that some norm violations provoke reactions from others and have little effect on a person's self concept.
  3. •Canadians are still stratified on the basis of both
    market income (salaries and earnings) and wealth
    (total value of money and assets minus debts)
    • Top 20% get $5.50 for every $1 for bottom 20%
    after taxes and transfer payments, up from 1995
    • Wealth: total value of assets minus debts: 5% of
    families control about 40% of Canada's wealth
    •Visible minorities and women are disadvantaged
    •In Canada we have open social mobility, but are
    divided into a class system
    - upper class (upper-uppers and lower-uppers)
    • About 5% of the population
    - middle class (upper middles and average middles)
    • 40-45% of the population
    - working class
    • 33% of the population
    - lower class
    • 20% of the population
  4. Which question summarizes the focus of the symbolic-interaction approach?
  5. What is the term for nations characterized by a standard of living about average for the world as a whole

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  1. meanaverage


  2. crimeviolation of formal criminal law


  3. radicle "survivalists"reject both cultural definition of success & conventional means of acheiving it and go one step further by forming a counterculter and advocating alternative to the exsisting social order


  4. sexual couterrevolution1980 condeming permissiveness and urging a return to more conservative "family values"


  5. rolethe behaviour expected of someone who holds a particular status