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  1. median
  2. Stratification and Technology
    in Global Perspective
  3. sexual couterrevolution
  4. sexual orientation
  5. Three
  1. a -Most societies tolerate homosexuality.
    -Many people experience some attraction to someone of the same sex.
    -Throughout the world, heterosexuality is the norm.
    -Sexual attraction is not the same thing as sexual behaviour
  2. b How many major theoretical approaches are there in sociology?
  3. c 1980 condeming permissiveness and urging a return to more conservative "family values"
  4. d • Hunters and gatherers: little inequality
    • Horticultural: more inequality as surplus begins
    • Agricultural: more inequality with more surplus
    • Industrial: more inequality with more specialization, though with increasing education inequality diminishes
  5. e The value that occurs midway in a series of numbers (or the middle case) is the

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  1. term for an educational program that recognizes the cultural DIVERSITY in Canadian society, and promotes the EQUALITY of all cultural traditions
  2. a form of social org in which males dominate females
  3. is any category of people, characterized by
    physical or cultural differences, that is socially
    Minority women are doubly disadvantaged
  4. The purpose of a total institution is:
  5. regards capitalism as increasing patriarchy by concentrating power in the hands of a small number of men.

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  1. invention, discovery, and diffusion.Cultural change is caused in three general ways:


  2. role conflictincompatibility among roles corresponding to two or more


  3. popular culture.Cultural patterns that are widespread among a society's population are referred to as:


  4. the criminal justice systema formal response by police, courts, and prison officials to alleged violations of the law


  5. sociologically significant about the case of Annacrimes that involve violence/threat of violence against others