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  1. Transsexuals
  2. matriarchy
  3. demeanour
  4. merton's strain theory
  5. sexism
  1. a unequal distribution of wealth, power and privilege between the 2 sexes
  2. b the way we act and carry ourselves
  3. c poor in society are taken advantage of by the rich & more powerful ppl in society
  4. d a form of social organization in which females dominate males
  5. e "trapped in a body of the wrong sex."

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  1. rational
    sexually aggressive
  2. suggests that poverty is caused by shortcoming in the poor themselves - an alternative: poverty is cause by society's unequal distribution of income & wealth
  3. a business supplying illegal goods or services
  4. his research subjects were ALL MALES; therefore, his findings cannot be generalized to both sexes.
  5. the investigation of the interplay of race, class and gender, often resulting in multiple dimensions of disadvantage

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  1. operationalizing a variable.-the family
    - funeral rites
    - jokes
    - social structure which functions to control sexual reproduction


  2. act of moral vengence by which society makes the offender suffer as much as the suffering caused by the crime


  3. leonardgov't classifies 3.5 million ppl - 1 in 4 are under 18


  4. hunting and gatheringuses simple tools to hunt animals and gather vegetation


  5. sexual couterrevolution-Most societies tolerate homosexuality.
    -Many people experience some attraction to someone of the same sex.
    -Throughout the world, heterosexuality is the norm.
    -Sexual attraction is not the same thing as sexual behaviour


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