Miller & Levine Biology Chapter 3

Important words and phrases from Chapter 3
Primary Producers
first producer of energy-rich compounds that are later used by other organisms.
organism that is able to capture energy from sunlight or chemicals and use it to produce its own food from inorganic compounds; also called a producer; literally "self feeder"
organism that obtains food by consuming other living things; also called a consumer; literally "other feeder"
organism that obtains energy by eating animals
animal that consumes the carcasses of other animals
organism that breaks down and obtains energy from dead organic matter.
organism that obtains energy by eating only plants
organism that obtains energy by eating both plants and animals
organism that feeds on plant and animal remains and other dead matter.
Food Chain
A series of steps in an ecosystem in which organisms transfer energy by eating and being eaten
Food Web
a network of complex interactions formed by the feeding relationships among the various organisms in an ecosystem; multiple food chains
Trophic Level
Each step in a food chain or food web
The total amount of living tissue withing a given trophic level.
organism that relies on other organisms for its energy and food supply; also called a heterotroph
In the carbon oxygen cycle oxygen is used by organisms that perform...
cellular respiration
In the carbon oxygen cycle decomposing waste lets off which type of gas?
Carbon dioxide.
What percent of energy moves from one tropic level to the next?

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