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Speech Quiz 4

Listeners' understanding of a speech is directly linked to how well it is organized.


The thesis statement expresses the goal of the speech, whereas the specific purpose statement expresses the theme or central idea of the speech.


Research has shown that audiences can comfortably take in between eight and ten main points.


Transitions should only be used between the introduction and the body of your speech.


Organizing the speech is also called ______ by classical rhetoricians.


Which of the following expresses the goal of the speech?

specific purpose statement

To describe a series of developments in time or a set of actions that occur sequentially, a speaker should use which pattern of arrangement?


To describe or explain the physical arrangement of a place, a scene, or an object, a speaker should use which pattern of arrangement?


To discuss a topic in terms of its underlying causes, a speaker should use which pattern of arrangement?


To demonstrate the nature and significance of a problem and to provide justification for a proposed solution, a speaker should use which pattern of arrangement?


To stress natural divisions in a topic, a speaker should use which pattern of arrangement?


If a speech consists of a story or series of short stories, which pattern of organization is the speaker using?


Which of the following outlines uses partial construction of the sentence form of each point?


Which of the following outlines uses a few cue words associated with each speech point?


Which of the following outline formats permits the least amount of eye contact?


The introduction should be prepared after the speech body is completed.


The introduction and the conclusion of the speech are more important than the body.


The conclusion should comprise about ______ of the speech.


A strong conclusion challenges audience members to put to use what the speaker has taught them.


The speaker's first step in the speech introduction is to gain the audience's _______.


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