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  1. bungalow
  2. luminous
  3. etching
  4. medieval
  5. juniper bush
  1. a relating to or belonging to the Middle Ages
  2. b small, one-story house
  3. c a certain amount of light; shining; bright
  4. d evergreen shrub with small, berry-like cones
  5. e printing; engraving

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  1. irrationally distrusting others; persecution complex
  2. harsh sound; growling sound produced in the throat
  3. procedures to gain advantage or success; methods
  4. a feeling of another's sorrow that leads to pity, sympathy or help
  5. forces through or away

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  1. hazysomething that has no distinct or definite shape


  2. bilingualhaving two languages; able to speak another language as well or almost as well as one's own


  3. scowlto look angrily or sullenly by lowering the eyebrows;frown


  4. cuffsa supernatural creature that does one's bidding


  5. glowerto humble oneself; cringe; remain in a degrading state