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  1. etching
  2. grimaces
  3. hazy
  4. scowl
  5. compassion
  1. a a feeling of another's sorrow that leads to pity, sympathy or help
  2. b twisting of the face; ugly or funny smiles
  3. c vague; not distinct; obscure
  4. d to look angrily or sullenly by lowering the eyebrows;frown
  5. e printing; engraving

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  1. hits with the hand; slaps
  2. turns
  3. bound morally or legally; obliged
  4. forces through or away
  5. something that has no distinct or definite shape

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  1. paranoida certain amount of light; shining; bright


  2. fermentingprinting; engraving


  3. gutturalrelating to or belonging to the Middle Ages


  4. glowerto humble oneself; cringe; remain in a degrading state


  5. luminousa certain amount of light; shining; bright