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Unit 2- Narnia and more (Character List)


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the king, Lord of the Whole Wood,and Son of the Emperor across the Sea; NOT a tame lion; He comes and goes when he pleases, comes to save Narnia
the last Queen of Charn, which is destroyed; brought into Narnia by Kirke and eventually takes over Narnia until the Pevensies arrive; thinks she understands old magic; daughter of Lilith ( Adam's first wife)
Peter Pevensie
Peter the Magnificent is High King of Narnia, defeats King Miraz in combat (PC) and closes the door on Narnia when it is being destroyed ( LB)
Susan Pevensie
Susan the Gentle, ultimately disbelieves in Narnia and is separated from her family; it is her horn that called them back to Narnia ( PC)
Edmund Pevensie
Edmund the Just, initially betrays his family but repents throughout all other books and becomes Lucy's main defender
Lucy Pevensie
Lucy the Valiant; moral center of LWW; she is the one who initially discovers Narnia through the wardrobe; ruled during the Golden Age of Narnia
Mr. Tumnus
the faun that discovers Lucy by the lampost and decides to face the queen's wrath and not turn Lucy over to the queen
Mr. and Mrs. Beaver
lead the Pevensies on there journey to the Stone Table and away from the queen
Mrs. Macready
maid of Professor Kirke
wolf captain of the witch's secret police
Giant Rumblebuffin
giant Aslan saved from the witch's castle; most respected of the giant families
Prince Caspian X
nephew of King Miraz, true king of Narnia but also a Telmarine; captains the Dawn Treader
a telmarine who kills his brother for the throne and tries to kill his nephew Caspian to usurp the throng and wipe out the Narnians; tries to squash all rumors of Old Narnia
chief mouse; self-appointed humble servant to Caspian and most valiant knight in Narnia; chivalric, courageous, and excellent swordsmen; sails off to Aslan's country ( DT )
Dr. Cornelius
a good magician, half-dwarf who teaches Caspian and tells him of Old Narnia
the nurse of caspian who was cast out for telling him stories of Narnia, reunited at the end
the messenger squirrel
didn't truly believe but still loyal to Caspian and went to search for the Kings & Queens of old, takes over for Caspian while he is away. D.L.F
Giant Wimbleweather
a kind giant in Caspian's forces and marshall of the duel
Bugly Bears
dopey bears who bear the right to supply one marshal of the list in the duel between Peter and Miraz
dwarf who wants to use dark magic to win/defeat Miraz
centaur who watches the stars to predict the return of the Kings and Queens of Old; marshal of the duel
the badger; big believer in Old Narnia ( Unlike Nikabrik and Trumpkin); one of the three who finds caspian after his escape from Miraz; role of the badgers is to remember
2nd in command of the mouse knights; prepared to cut off his tail to honor Reepicheep
Glozelle and Sopespian
advisors to Miraz who convince him to duel (reverse psychology) and kill him when Peter spares his life
Eustace Clarence Scrubb
"and he almost deserved it," cousin of the Pevensies; at first very arrogant and generally awful; becomes a giant; second chance from Aslan; becomes a better person
sailor on the Dawn Treader
Lord Drinian
Captain of the Dawn Treader
Lord Revilian, Lord Argoz, Lord Mavramorn
sleeper at Aslan's Table, Lords Caspian was looking for, banished by Miraz ( loyal to Old Narnia)
Lord Bern
found on Lonely Island, bought Caspian, Lord Caspian was looking for, banished by Miraz ( loyal to Old Narnia)
Lord Octesoam
dead dragon lord, Lord Caspian was looking for, banished by Miraz ( loyal to Old Narnia)
Lord Rhoop
Discovered in the darkness, Lord Caspian was looking for, banished by Miraz ( loyal to Old Narnia)
slaver on the Lonely Island, and doggos with funny faces
His Sufficiency, govenor of the Lonely Islands before Caspian reclaims the land
magician ruler of the dufflepuds
a retired star
Ramandu's daughter
wife of Caspian and mother of Rilian, killed by the green serpent
Jill Pole
searches for Prince Rilian with Eustace and Puddleglum; she goes tot eh experiment house with Eustace
Prince Rilian
Son of Caspian X, lost prince of Narnia bc he was kidnapped by the Green Witch and has a spell put on him by her to act "normal during the day as a dark knight but mad at night
marshwiggle hero of Silver Chair, very tall and serious demeanor, but shows true courage when he breaks the witch's spell
the owl who helping Jill and Eustace at he beginning of their journey, reference to Archemids ( peace offering to T H White)
Lady of Green Kirtle
the witch's disguise, Queen of Underland, thought to be a Northern witch like Jadis
one of the earthmen who helps the group get back to the surface
the lost son and brother to prince Corin, kidnapped by Lord Bar for being the savior of Narnia and Archenland, marries Aravis and is the future king
brother of Cor, ruffle and tumble, best boxer glad not to be king, but supports his brother
great war horse also kidnapped to Calormen and eventually escaped with Shasta and Aravis
a tarkheena, a calormene noblewoman who runs away with Hwin, Bree, and Shasta to not be married off, at first a cold character, but eventually warms up to her companions has son Ram with Cor(Shasta)
good natured sensible horse, another slave from Narnia
Ahoshta Tarkaan
old man who Aravis' father wanted her to marry
King Lune
father of Cor and Corin, king of Archenland
tarkheena Lasaraleen
lavish, material aquaintance of Aravis, but does help her escape
(Grand) wants the barbarian countries ( Archenland and Narnia) and is prepared to sacrifice his son for it
son of Tisroc, Prince wants Susan as a wife or slave and storms Archenland for her, but gets turned into a donkey
The Hermit
allows the horses and Aravis to heal while Cor saves Archenland
Digory Kirke
he was at the forming of Narnia; wakes the witch, and is the professor that takes the Pevensies in during the blitz
Polly Plumber
with kirke, but first person to leave our world; did not want to wake the witch
Uncle Andrew
Mr. Ketterley thinks he is a magician, but like all who meddle with magic, he doesn't really know what he is doing; lives with his