Chapter 13

balancing the ticket
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Orrin Hatchwho is president pro tem now?platformyour main ideas and belief of party meant to appeal to a wide group of peopleplankeach individual issue with beliefkeynote speechfind greatest speaker of the party, sum up ideas of the partyIncumbentofficial who holds an officeswing statea state who is not pledged to a particular partychief of stateceremonial head of the govt, symbol of all people of the nation says president both reigns and ruleschief of stateex. attending funeral of the head of a foreign countrychief executive"CEO of company", executive power, broad in domestic and foreign affairs pres is not all powerful, checks and balances with liitschief executiveex. chairing a meeting with the cabinetchief admin"director" of fed gov directs admin that employs more than 2.7 million civilians and spends more than $2 trillion a yearchief diplomatspokesperson and builds American foreign policy to rest of the world, makes agreementschief diplomatex. meeting with premier of China to work out a trade agreementcommander in chiefmilitary subject to presidents direct and immediate controlcomm in chiefex. ordering troops to be deployed to act as peace keepers in the Sudanchief legislatorbuilds foreign policy, sets overall shape of the congressional agendachief legex. traveling country and making speeches in support of his plan to expand pre-school opportunity to all children ex. giving state of the union addresschief of partyacknowledged leader of political party that controls exec branchchief of partyex. selecting candidates for cabinet positions and judicial positionschief citizenrepresentitive of all the people expected to work for and rep public interest against many diff and competing private interestschief citizenex. going on tv to express sympathy to families of children killed in the sandy hook shootings1. must be natural born citizen of the US 2. Be at least 35 years of age 3. Have been 14 years a resident within the USconstitutional qual. for becoming pres and vpsecond in line after VP= speaker of the House, third in line=pres pro tem(Orrin Hatch) Cabinet members=4th in linefirst 3 spots in line for presidency according the Pres. Succession act (this is if pres and Vp die or are unable to be in office)based on electoral vote(?)on what basis are the number of each states delegates for the national convention determined?delegateperson selected from their party to go to the National convention to cast their vote for nomineeproportional primarypeople vote and candiate awarded however many votes they get, not winner takes allcaucus=citizens gather and reps speak primary= you have to say your party, and you get to vote only on your partycaucus and primary differences1 nominate their party's pres candidate 2 nominate their party's VP candidate 3 write/ approve of the party's platformpurpose of national conventions