Chapter 12


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Project implementation
focuses on installing or releasing the projected deliverables
Can happen in 1 of three approaches
1. Direct cutover
2. Parallel
3. phased
Closue out meeting
manger evaluates the tema members and provide feedback
Direct Cutover
used to replace an existing product or system- old product is shut off and new is related
good when delivery is critical or when existing product is poor and needs to be replaced ASAP

Risk - you may not worse and people could be frustrated
Allows the new and old product or system to run concurrently, until switching entirely to new. Appropriate when problems can have a major impact. it provides confidence in the system. It could create more stress
The system is related in modules or to different parts of the organization
may be approbate when introducing a software system and upgrades are needed. Allows the project team to learn from mistakes in implemations but may take time
Project closure
1. Normal
2. Premature
3. Perpetual
4. Failed
5. Changed Priorites
porject is completed as planed, scope was achieved within cost quality and schedule.
the project was pushed out early and may not include all features, risk should be considered
Runaway project one that never seems to end. Do to delays or MOV that was never clearly defined. Project resources are eventually drained so success is not reached. Attention to MOV scope and reviews can reduce the risk of perpetual projects
Projects are unsuccessful, even if MOV was planed it may not have enough reassures to continue and costs of completing outweighs the benefits
Changed prioties
a project may be terminated as a result of change in priorities, resources may not be available anymore.
Project manager needs to deal with these at the end of completions
1. team members are concerned about future employment
2. bugs still exist
3. Resources are running out
4. Documentation attains paramount importance
5. Promised deliver dates may not be met
6. The players may possess a sense of panic
Shortsighted sponsors
view project as a short term buyer seller relationship which their money is the most important cirtera for accepting the project
leads to an adverbial relationship if the sponsor attmepts to renogitate the price
Knowledgeable sponsors
realize they have an important stake in the outcome of the project - will be actively involved thought the project, ensure the success
will get a win lose situation and sponsor will negoatioate in good faith
The final project report
objective is to give the project sponsor confidence that he project has been completed as outlined in the business case, charter and project plan
1. Project summary
2. project description
3. project MOV
4. scope schedule and budget and quality objectives
5. comparisons of planned vs actual
6. original scope and history of change
7. Orginal schedule vs actual completions
8. original budget vs cost
9. test plans and test results
10. outstanding issues
11. itemized list and expected completion
12. ongoing support required
13. project documentation list
14. product or systems documentation
15. user manuals
16. training materials 1
17. mainatnece documentation
Final meeting is useful for
1. Communicating that the project is over
2. transference of the product
3. acknowledgeing contributions
4. getting formal signoff
administrative closer
important because once teams are officialy released getting a wrap up of detail is difficult
1. Verifing that all deliverables and open items are complete
2. Verifing the projects sponsor or customers formal acceptance
3. organizing and archiving project deliverables and documation
4. planning for the reals of project resources
5. planning for the evaluations and reviews of the project tema members and project
6. closing all project accounts
7. paling a celebration mark of the end
4 types of project evaluations
1. an indicual review of each team members performance by project manager
2. a project close out review
3. an audit of project by objective and respected outside party
4. an evaluations after the product is realized to determine whether the project achieved its envisionsded MOV
Individual performance review
foucus on the following
1. Begin with the indicia evaluating his performance
2. Avoid comparing indicauls
3. focus on specific behaviors not the individual
4. be consistent and fair
5. reviews should provide a consensus on improving presence
Project close out review (Postmortem)
Do shortly after final presentation before releasing the team. Focus on:
1. Review the initial projects MOV
2. Review the project scope, schedule, budget and quality objectives
3. review each of the project deliverables
4. review the arias plans and project methodologies
5. How well did the project t team preform
review the various project plans
focus on effectiviens of
1. Product development
2. project scope management
3. project time mangmetn
4. project cost management
5. projet quality mangmetn
6. projet team and resourece acquisition
7. project stakeholder and communications mangametn
8. project risk mangamnet
9. organization change mangement
10. product release implementations
Project Audit
audit team should focus on how the project was managed and executed
Evaluating project success
did it meet the mov