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American History Chapter 8 Test Review


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The Eighteenth Amendment specifically granted the federal government, as well as the state governments, the power to enforce Prohibition, marking a dramatic increase in federal ____________________ powers
The American Civil Liberties Union advertised for a teacher who would be willing to be arrested for teaching __________________________.
Louis Armstrong introduced an improvisational, early form of ___________________, a style of music influenced by Dixieland and ragtime.
President Wilson's postmaster general had introduced the world's first regular airmail service in 1918 by hiring pilots to fly mail between Washington, D.C, and __________________________.
New York
Supporters of ________________________ wanted the United States to stay out of entanglements with Europe.
Though hardly typical of American women, the ___________________, a young, unconventional woman, personified women's changing behavior in the 1920's.
The movement of hundreds of thousands of African Americans from the rural south to industrial cities in the north was called the _____________________________.
Great Migration
By the mid-1920's, other corporations, notably General Motors and Chrysler, competed successfully with ___________________, the first carmaker to produce cars by using the assembly line.
During Prohibition, people flocked to secret bars called _________________________, where they could purchase alcohol.
_______________________ was a style of music influenced by Dixieland music and ragtime.
The sharp increase in immigrants due to new immigration laws in the late 1920's contributed to the __________________ in the Ku Klux Klan.
By the 1920's, the United States was the _____________________ economic power in the world.
The _____________________________ that ended WWI attempted to outlaw war.
Kellogg-Briand Pact
________________________________ introduced an improvisational, early form of jazz.
Louis Armstrong
The __________________________ was the peace treaty that ended WWI.
Fourteen points
Marcus Garvey preached a message of ______________________ with whites.
Jack Dempsey, one of the sports idols of the 1920's, held the title of ___________________________________ from 1919 until 1926, when he lost it to Gene Tunney.
world heavyweight champion
In the 1920's, most African American voters in the North cast their votes for _____________, the party of Lincoln.
__________________________ was the first important writer of the Harlem Renaissance.
Countee Cullen
By the early_____________, the automobile had become an accepted part of American life.
Who founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association?
Marcus Garvey
The Scopes trial was about
teaching evolution
How did the Dawes Plan try to promote peace?
The plan allowed U.S. banks to loan money to Germany so it could pay reparations.
Which amendment repealed Prohibition?
Twenty-first amendment
In the teapot dome scandal, Albert B. Fall received bribes for?
Allowing private interests to lease lands containing U.S. Navy oil reserves.
A center of creativity and freedom where many artists, writers, and intellectuals of the 1920's gathered was___________________________________________.
Greenwhich village
One of the NAACP's greatest political triumphs occured in 1930 with the defeat of Judge John J. Parkers nomination to the ____________________________.
U.S. Supreme Court
In 1926 the aviation industry received federal aid for building airports with the passage of the _____________________________.
Air commerce Act
African American arts flourished in the 1920s in what became known as the _______________________________.
Harlem Renaissance
President Coolidge's philosophy of government was that government should interfere with business and industry as little as possible and that prosperity rested on _____________________.
business leadership
Although many of President Harding's appointments were disastrous, he did appoint several distinguished cabinet members including the secretary of commerce,
Herbert Hoover
What system of manufacturing adopted by Henry Ford divided operations into simple tasks and cut unnecessary motion to a minimum?
Assembly line
How did Marcus Garvey's Negro Nationalism differ from the views of W.E.B. DuBois and Booker T. Washington?
Garvey advocated separation and independence from whites rather than integration.
What baseball player also became a national hero?
Babe Ruth