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Virtue Ethics

ALOP 230 Cheryl Mentzer

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Virtue is a mean between extremes. In case of danger, an individual would not want to be too afraid that they are unable to act, nor do they want to be fearless and act without caution. The best place to find courage (virtue) to act is to have the right amount of fear.
Philippa Foot
It is both ourselves and our community that benefit from our having certain virtues, just as having certain vices harms both ourselves and our communities.
Alasdair MacIntyre
Believes that virtues depend at least partly on the practices that constitute a culture or society. A warlike society will value heroic virtues, whereas a peaceful and prosperous society might think of generosity as a particularly important virtue.
One problem with virtue ethics
What to say about those of us who do not meet the ideal. If we fall short of the ideal, does this make us bad?
How would you handle a moral dilemma using virtue ethics?
First look at the virtues that develop from the behavior and ask yourself if you would be able to tell others about this and not be ashamed.